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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I don't really like it
but I love you all
I don't like it anon but I like you.
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I am indifferent to it.

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Who was summoned as Archer in Archer's Grail War? It can't be him, so who was it?
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>It can't be him,
Why not?

muh dick
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He was surprised when he was summoned by Rin, I'm pretty sure he would remember fighting himself during his own Grail War.

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I am on ep 06 and althought I like the visuals, Ryuko is fun and the art I don't care too much about the story. It doesn't make me hype for the next episode like other series do.
Will it get better?
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>Will it get better?
You will probably not like it from what the sounds of it.
Normally, I would advise to try out three episodes, but seeing as how you're already at episode six and still are struggling and not liking it, it might be better if you drop it.
Perhaps it might be better to watch it with someone.
Some shows are more fun if you can talk about it with somebody else, like for example Mayoiga.
it gets better, the story picks up and the fights get better, plus Nonon gets more screen time

>sleeping in good china




俵 宗太:中村 悠一
ポコ:古城門 志帆
中島 忍:杉田 智和
大石 凛子:中原 麻衣
藤山 俊亮:福山 潤
藤山 紗枝:花澤 香菜
浜田 吾郎:黒田 崇矢
永妻 宏司:立花 慎之介
冴木 学:鳥海浩輔
冴木 雪枝:嶋村 侑
喜岡 ふみ:くじら
田中(真鍋) 舞:皆口 裕子
田中のぞみ:本渡 楓
宗太の父:中 博史
カエル:小林 ゆう
ガオガオちゃん:黒田 崇矢
ミミ:牧野 由依
モモ:古城門 志帆
次回予告:要 潤
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Amaama to Inazuma is so popular that there's already clones of it coming out?
>Souta Tawara is a web designer working in Tokyo. When he visits his family's Udon place in his hometown Kagawa Prefecture, he discovers a young boy. Upon confronting the boy, Souta soon learns his secret and decides to quit his job in order to take care of the boy, Poko. The daily adventures of the two slowly enfold as Poco energetically navigates his way through Kagawa, the "Udon Kingdom," along with Souta.

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Why this anime is so boring? Watching chapter 6 and I'm falling asleep
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This is one of these animes that need to be watched entirely to be appreciated, I guess. Some people told me to watch it too.
The series goes out of its way to create a mindfuck, just wait 'till you get to the last 2 episodes if you really care
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And you don't seem to understand

I heard WSJD-kun has a japanese cold while living in America, so I'm here to provide the last chapter of TPN in Viz's Jump. Fuck Niggastream.
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Had Nazi Germany and Japan won World War 2, Would there still be Manga?

Would mangas have been allowed under the 3rd Reich or been deemed as Degeneracy literature? Would it have even bloomed like it did in our current time-line?
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Moral decay and ultra nationalism are not independent, see modern America for an example.
Are you saying Manga is moral decay?
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Here is some more Nazi-Astroboy related material, if you all want.


>Literally called these years and years ago when I started reading them
>It's not that there is some god given talent to understand pairings. It's because this is fucking shounen for kids and these things are goddamn obvious the second there's a moment of attraction or slight buildup

Even when I read something older and completed like Shaman King and saw there was another girl who liked Yoh, I didn't need much to know Anna was the obvious winner. The thing about these shounen series is that they are obvious from the start. I mean, isn't this sort of the point? They are series for children, not romantic dramas. Sure sometimes there can be romance drama but it's never the whole manga. The reason you shippers get so buttblasted so easily and call the wrong horses is because you can't actually read the stories the author is giving you and just replace the shit with your own.

And while I'm on the subject, anybody who thinks Natsu/Lucy and Deku/Ochako isn't going to happen is just absolutely playing themselves.
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>tfw you've got everything right

its not that hard. People overthink and get fucked up
Damn OP, you read a lot of shit.
special snowflake.

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Would you let Megu bully your prostate?
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My what? I'm a little girl, aren't you?
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>megu will never milk you

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What words can you tolerate untranslated? what words do you think should be kept in their original punctuation?
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Everything has to be translated, otherwise it's a weebshit meme translation.
t. できる人

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I hope you've come prepared.
Because its time to duel!
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I set a card.
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It's my turn!

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Do you remember the last time you watched anime on VHS?
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Too early in the day to be asking this? Am I so out of touch?
The thread's only been up for 10 minutes man, give it time.

Out of all the tapes there I think I'd be most interested in the random Japanese tv shows ones for some reason.

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I actually had some hopes at the beginning of the anime, but they made them such mary stu/sue characters that it gets straight up annoying
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Anime is full of gary stus/mary sues

expect one or more everytime you watch an anime
once some one figures out that by putting a wall between the two puts them into a total comatose state they'll be fucked.
Me too, OP. This anime was shit.

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who's your doujinfu?
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The one and only.
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