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call on mwee was the pinnacle of chaika on /a/

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Let's worship the best grill!
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Megumin appreciation!
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>Megumin Monday
>only several hours of Monday left
Megumin is win

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I wanted to hate the student council president, but then this happened.
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all the characters have a bunch of extra dimensions added in this episode

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Dumping the first volume of a serious military SF-drama about female soldiers... who fight by having alien organs implanted in their wombs.
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LoN confirmed to be an falseflagging Ichirukifag. Spoiler tomorrow.
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Tatsuki is cute!
>starting a Bleach thread with that edit in the OP
Shitting on LoN is fun but come on, you should've saved that for later
>Dat plot twist in the last thread.

In the end...we have become Bleach ourselves.

Why did he cut the hair? Ahoges aren't even that cool.
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maybe they are separated person?
>third killing
>double murder
Always. I'll bet the third case in V3 will also be a double murder.
Was getting killed part of their plan?

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>it's a Kira episode
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Gappy makes me happy
but does he make everybody happy?
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Yasuho mostly prefers man of color.

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Don't mention any waifufaggotry or waifu wars in this thread. Let us discuss manly men shedding tears, sweat and blood to achieve their goals.
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Ok. I'll ruin this thread by saying the name of the most unmanly archbishop Regulus.
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CngSr59UIAAY5zI.jpg orig.jpg
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Need to Fuck off Remshitters already.

Continuing on from where we left off: it's episodes 18-32 today + movie 1 (Only You).

It's been 35 years since this anime aired, and I don't think /a/ has ever really celebrated it. For those who haven't seen it, it was a hugely influential anime, and that influence is still being felt by the anime industry today.

Live Stream Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZE3KsBWTXuMqIYFIbPdzXNH65xiauoexQkiAzyap__8

Pastebin alternative: http://pastebin.com/54gfAHjx

New episodes will play at 5pm PST.

I make no profit, nor gain any benefits from doing this; my sole motivation is to celebrate this classic anime.
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Did the guy subbing the HD rip ever get finished?
Ages ago I think. They should all be up on Nyaa.
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Second for Shinobu!

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>Just started watching Berserk because of the new series
>Watched all 3 movies and read the manga
>This fucking scene

Holy fucking shit this has got to be the most hardcore scene I've ever seen in anime. Like, this nigga legit rapes her in front of her lover whilst he rips off his own arm and gets his eye gouged out.

This puts every other "suffering" manga to shame. . .like holy shit I'm still in awe and still very hard
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>Holy fucking shit this has got to be the most edgy scene
I feel like most people who haven't read Berserk are now reading like their first manga or something. Hey at least its a start and it could be worse
>This puts every other "suffering" manga to shame
watch texhnolyze

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>Waiting for subtitles
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What are the chances Minori find a new role after Delta? What about JUNNA's carreer as a singer after Delta?
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Did you like it?

Persona thread
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It's was a pretty good movie.

I was expecting a P3-2 movie teaser actually.
Part 2 bored mo so much, I forget there were more of these.
This last one is very good.
In my opinion the first and this one are the best of the bunch.

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Discuss theories, how you think next chapter will go down, basement WHEN?
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arminal crossing new shifter.jpg
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Best shingekis.
>Discuss theories
Carla was Reiss

>how you think next chapter will go down
Poorly if recent chapters are representative

>basement WHEN?
Second last page of the volume. Last page is Annie's eyes opening.
JigglyAnnie has downs?

Why are the Japanese so obsessed with killing innocent whales?
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I think a South Park episode explained it once.
Because they're tasty.
They taste good

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Did the writer really create every man's image of the ideal woman only to have the MC reject her for the sake of someone completely bland and boring?

Is this a commentary on something? What am I missing here? Is he trying to piss everyone off?
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Ok listen.

Your first teenage crush was a bitch you only liked because of her physical appareance. The same thing is happening here. Emilia is more beautiful than Rem, so he likes her more
Actually the first girl I fell for was below average in appearance. I liked her because she was the only girl I didn't find intolerably stupid and inane.
But Rem is extremely bland and boring now that her personality revolves around loving Subaru. No wonder she has you retards salivating over her.

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