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In honor of Bleach finally finishing, it's time to sing the greatest OP of the series: Asterisk. Please submit in mp3 or wav. Deadline is September 20, 2016.

Submit: [email protected]
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah54BiGmC_I
Lyrics: http://pastebin.com/m94s5yEC

I realize the song is long but there are several repeats so if you record a few separate files it will cut down on the cumulative amount of singing you have to do.
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Sounds cool. Might do it.
I like OP 3 the most but what can you do
I would be open to doing other OPs but I feel like Asterisk has the most nostalgia for a lot of people and is generally pretty memorable.
ah... the time when bleach is still fun and doesn't filled with asspull nonsense
also best OP animation too

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Frieza and Boros.png
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Who would win?
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Shitty writing
Before or after RoF?

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Is Tenchi Muyo! the Evangelion of the Harem genre?
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I doubt because the MC was competent...As I can remember.
They usually were.

It was Love Hina that turned harem protags into idiots.
Funny enough, the Akamatsu probably regrets it now, cause he's never had such a pathetic protagonist like that since

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Scathach 46.png
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This is your beach partner for a day.
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Stop posting that lewd body.
I just came a moment ago. But seeing her body, my sperm production increases and I feel like fapping again.
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What do you do with a beach partner?

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How can people sit down and watch this shit? It's literally Mary Sue : The Show
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I actually like it
And? What's the problem? If you want to self-insert then I suggest you go watch Re:Zero. The MC in that show is pathetic just like you so it shouldn't be too hard for you to self-insert.

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Worst parents in anime? When the role of parent and child is reversed, you fucked up.
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She was a prostitute.
>raised her child to be a beta
>takes care of her while she whores it up
>anime/ln makes it seem like she's the best mother ever
>The mother is a whore for money that get's taken care of by her son
>The son is a woman trapped in a mans body who's in love with an ugly abusive midget
>They lived happily ever after except for the faggot who had to put up with both of those useless holes till death's sweet release
A feminists wet dream the anime.

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Does anyone on /a/ love "edgy" characters? It's cool to pretend not to like them but they're so much fun.
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Underage spotted.
lulu is not edge. onii sama is not edge. yes I love pimping bastards that fuck shit up
/a/ is contrarian

They hate them because there popular and /a/ will say it is edgy

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Outer Gods are for ______?
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Why did the mod delete the last one?

Who do you want to see die most this arc?
What character interactions would you like to see?
Who is your favourite Prince?
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This thread needs more hunter bois
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But that's a man, anon.
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Best boi.jpg
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Fuck it. Leo thread starts now.

>[HorribleSubs] Battery - 07
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Is that the guy from the opening? Also I hope this thread doesn't die.
Yeah, the two guys in red have officially been introduced to us.

Go's got a nice right hook. Little shit deserved to get clocked for being a faithless fuck.

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Just finished this. Holy shit, the definition of profound. The work it puts in and lengths it goes to deliver such a simple message. Last 2 episodes of the series are definition of 10/10 and how to wrap up a complex series with large cast perfectly.
I probably missed a lot of metaphors and social commentary but I really look forward to rewatching it again.

I think we can all agree on one thing, even if you don't like Yuasa's work for whatever reasons, you can't understate his talent as an auteur. He's the best director in the industry without a doubt.
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Genuinely curious. I tried to get into this show but dropped it 10 minutes in. The guy speaks way too fuckin fast so you can't even take your eyes off the subtitles and if I wanted to just read I would just grab a book. Does it get better further in because I can't be bothered to constantly pause the show just to keep up with the guys speech. Wouldn't be so bad if there was a dub
>the best director in the industry without a doubt
but that's Yamakan
The fast speaking never goes away. I feel like it is supposed to represent his train of thought, which is why it is so fast. If you don't catch everything than its fine, really. Maybe even intended

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Feel free to pick another if not there.
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Why would anyone pick Death Note?
transcendentally uninteresting post
Digivice so I can go to the digital world and leave all you chickenshit faggots behind

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This is your pillow tonight.
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Can I have the mom instead?
But I want the mother more.
>those erect nipples
>that cameltoe
No thanks, I actually want to sleep tonight

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What does /a/ think about strong independent woman who focus on their careers and not stealing their best friends boyfriend?
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highly unrealistic.
No wonder people don't take this industry seriously when it makes no effort to be true to life
I like their pubes.
Does the carpet match the drapes?

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The ride has begun
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So they are seriously going with the "buddha's hand envelops the whole universe" thing.
Kung Fu Hustle?
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Wait until we have a translated chapter at least.

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