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So we all agree that Monster Aizen and Dangai Ichigo are stronger than Bach, right?
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Lel no. Yhwach would maul them.
Not Dangai Ichigo. But Aizen is still proven to be the most broken character in Bleach since his KS can even fool someone who can see and change the future. He still has (had?) his Bankai as well. Bach also isn't immortal.
>Dangai Ichigo
Ichigo's latest Bankai is arguably stronger.

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>Hey guys, I'm going to create the best female character you've ever seen!

>I'm make her strong and tough yet passionate and loving, I'll make her loyal and respectful and I'll even take it a step further and let her confess her love to the one person in the world that she loves enough to die for. I'll strive to make her absolute perfection.

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>>Hey guys, I'm going to create the best female character you've ever seen!
Yep, that would the EMT
>Hey I'm going to make her a murderer without a good reason

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ITT: Characters that did nothing wrong
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Seriously, I was sorry these whales. They were cute.
>I was sorry these whales.
sorry for*

Ghost in the Shell thread? Ghost in the Shell thread.

What do you guys think of Arise? I've only seen two episodes, both in Japanese with subtitles. I'm wondering if I should continue?

I know sometimes it can take time for GitS to work its magic but I loved Stand Alone Complex and 2nd Gig almost immediately, and most of the movies are decent.
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i want to be inner that universe
I posted the sexiest pic I had that wasn't naked.

She's really the perfect woman. Strong, smart, sexy, flirtatious, funny, tech minded. What more do you want?

Last episode tonight.
Season 3 never.
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Posting best bro.
Now right?
And Mask got his sword

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Believe in your friends, Sakaki Yuuya!
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>Sending pendulum monsters on the field to the graveyard
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Reji you fuck I'll bri bri when you do something
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>You lancers

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Not a badass, But certainly a geezer.
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What's the mirror for?
Hitting things

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Why are blondes so best?
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S2 when?
Because their hearts are innocent, but their bodies are lewd.

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If you had to name your child after an anime character, what would you name them?
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I miss Joseph
Hamon is better than stands
The Pillar men were the best villains
Caesar is best brojo
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Yasuho makes me happy
>Hamon is better than stands
>The Pillar men were the best villains
Wammu was the only good pillar men
>Caesar is best brojo
He's possibly the worst character in the series.

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Too many NTR threads.

Let's have a romance thread.
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Alright, /a/. If your waifu gets posted, go to sleep.
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>tfw don't have a waifu
I need one badly
I feel so lonely
I'd like to see /a/ even try to post my waifu.
But I just woke up. My waifu won't get posted anyway.

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Ep 21: A Bet Fighting Against Despair

>Will they continue the flashbacks in the next EP?

Also, let's talk about the future episodes.

Will they skip Ley and Regulus?
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Rip Wolfman, splattered like a champ
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-Remfags are condemned by spfag. No more materials will be translated for them.
-No Remfag related discussion nor are they allowed to join the discussion so ignore Remfag image dump
-Lastly Rem is irrelevant


>Emilia and Rem are said to be the heroines of Re:ZERO. Which one of them would you choose?

>Watanabe: That’s a tough question. People will get mad at me no matter who I say (laughs). But I suppose that Rem’s role in the story is that of a sub-heroine, while Emilia is the main heroine. I directed episode 1 myself and did as much as I could to enhance her presence in the scenes to make up for her lack of screen time. I’d change her outfits and made sure she gave off a strong impression. As far as I’m concerned, the heroine is Emilia, but perhaps nobody will believe me when I say that. After all, Rem clearly acts more like a heroine (laughs). But please don’t forget the scenes that showcase Emilia as the heroine (laughs).

EMT #1
So why was Wilhelmsdo pissed at her?
Was it because she saved or was it because she was strong despite not liking swordsmanship I think?

Anon, I think I'm in love. Madly.
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hoo boy
Femdom is literally a shit tier fetish.

If you actually want a girl to beat the shit out of you while spitting in your mouth and calling you worthless you're pathetic.
I think I am in love. M'Lady.

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Who are some artist that you feel are really hitting their stride. For me I would say one is Pochi. I have liked his work in the past but the stuff he has been putting out lately shows that he has really stepped his game up.
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Case in point

When we will get more scans?
DM leak when?
Should i extend my nofap?
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I still have loads of stuff from comiket, I will work on scanning them this week.

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