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Thoughts on "Sweetness and Lightning" so far? It's not the most interesting plot but the story is heartwarming and its got its funny moments here and there. Not bad so far.
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One of the best airing.
Surprisingly this, desu.
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I definitely liked episode 7 where they took a break from the light heartedness and had a more serious kind of episode. Good change of pace imo. Don't think the show is completely changing in that direction though.

I want to go to a far away place with onee-chan
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Episode 8 preview is up:

It's gotta go fast time.
what the fuck, I forgot to clear the trip
I see Saya's new harem is already fighting each other

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Hey guess what
They're still talking about it
Hope is alive
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I want to unhook Tomoe's bra.
Actually talking about there problems.
I can only hope for the best
>Internal introspection from Jun

Holy shit is this the first time we've gotten this from this manga?

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Would you let Megu milk your prostate?
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Only if I milk hers first
Why is this even a question? Nobody sane would say no.

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does an (anime) girl's vagina get filled with water if they dive underwater?

seriously it's a hole that you cant close like butthole, right?
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Wtf dude.
>it's a hole that you cant close like butthole, right?

Not everyone has a loose asshole like yours.
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>it's a hole that you cant close like butthole

anon pls

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>MC is under 6'0
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So 99% of the MCs?
if not 99.99%
Average height in Japan is 172 cm. (5"7.5 for Americans)

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Okay, with pleasure.
You're gonna have to eat these eggs

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> BTW the manga is clearly better than the shitty anime.
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Use the catalog dumbass
Now this is just stupid.
*Then again Trunks is a halfbreed, so he should have more MUH POTENTIAL than Goku and he doesn't waste it like Gohan. I guess it can make sense but it's still a bit silly.

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30 bings til fango
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No thanks. See you guys next week.
Fuck. Forgot about that.
Fango's new haircut makes him very handsome desu

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Lads, is Haruhi autistic?
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She does tend to sperg out at times
Yeah, Though it doesn't matter, I'm still gonna fuck her silly.
Nah, just a bad person.

What was this show's thesis statement?
Can someone explain this show to me? I finished watching it for the second time and I think kinda get it.
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I look at it from two points of view.

#1: We need to be aware of who we are online vs who we are offline. Lain's personality in the wired was nearly a complete 180 from her personality offline. She did some pretty mean and messed up stuff online, and then had to deal with the consequences offline. It's both a warning that things can come back and bite you, and that you should be aware of what kind of persona you cultivate online, and how other people perceive you.

#2: Connectivity online is increasing at an exponential rate. Nowadays, nearly everyone has an internet capable cellphone in their pocket. As more and more people spend more and more time online, what is happening to society? Are we all checking out to live a blissful virtual life? Are we becoming too accustomed to the digital universe (with the ability to erase and undo things we don't like instantly) at the expense of our ability to deal with real life?
Wait, so were the two Lains literally the same person? I thought the Lain of the Wired was supposed to be the true Lain and that the Lain of the real world is a doppleganger of her. Also, how did she reach God status?
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no matter where you are we are all connected

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Does any series have powerlevels more ridiculous than Toriko?
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God of highschool.
Started out as average human martial arts level > Planet level and FTL speed
Not quite average. The guys were shattering concrete and cutting down groups of trees with single strikes.
Bastard!! I guess. Haven't read Toriko, just seems like a fair bet.

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What was ShindoL trying to tell us?
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That you have bottom tier fetishes
Don't do drugs
That he's a talentless hack that can only do 1 story

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Did Bleach have the worst ending in the history of a long running manga series?

I could sit and list all the massive plot holes that Kubo blatantly left out, or just forgot about but I'm pretty sure most of the fanbase is aware of all of them.
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no, sorry but naruto had it way worse.
nah, gantz.
At least Naruto didn't have nearly the plot holes that Bleach had, how can you not be upset with all the shit that was never answered in Bleach? So much stuff left unanswered or unfinished. Things that Kubo introduced or mentioned and just decided not to expand or explain any of it? I thought Naruto had a decent ending, Bleach was just shit and laziness.

Tamakoma's real ace takes action
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Can Osamu's keikaku beat the counter keikaku?
Awshit nigga. Best Boy strikes again.
Wait, are we getting teleporters this chapter?

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