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A girl needs to pee, another girl is smashed against a wall, and in the last game of the franchise, a girl leaves herself behind an alternate dimension in order to fulfill her bloodline's destiny.

Bonus: give the names of all three girls.
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Edgy guy transported into another world.
tate no yuusha no nariagari

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Will you solve it and bang Kuro after school's out?
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I will not solve anything and bang her right there, in front of the whole class
Banging her while solving sounds better.
Maybe I'll go back to school and learn Maths again, I really want to fuck Kuro.

>This year's 38th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced on Monday that this year's Jump Special Anime Festa will be held in five cities on November 27 and December 4. According to the announcement, the event will feature My Hero Academia, Twin Star Exorcists, Isobe Isobee Monogatari ~Ukiyo wa Tsurai yo~, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, "plus a title getting its first anime adaptation…!"
>"plus a title getting its first anime adaptation…!"

So what are your bets for the mysterious title? My money is on Samon-kun wa Summoner
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>Samon-kun wa Summoner

Way too early and it's been dropping in the rankings.
No way it's Samon.
90% chance it's Black Clover
10% chance it's Hinomaru Zumou
Mind they mean a Jump Festa 25m episode though, not a tv anime thing. Think of the Haikyuu Akaten and Lev Kensan Jump Festa episodes.
But I agree Black Clover is more likely

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Can anyone from any Anime or Manga actually beat him?
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He's basically Yhwach from Bleach.
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He is more powerful than him. He has destroyed 6 universes while Yhwach couldnt even kill a small boy.

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KyoAni is making the deaf girl tear jerker. How does that make you feel?

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This is like the most kyoani thing.
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It was nice of them to post the two trailers with subs for the hearing impaired. Also, first preview screening in two days.

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pretentious, nonsensical, and nearly unwatchable.
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Blame! “agents” don’t look like Matrix “agents” but they basically work the same.
The floor, the walls, the buildings and objects. Everything can turn into a bizarre monster.

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What a slut
Don't stand so close to me

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So /a/ what's the new Big 3?
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My dick and balls
The big 3 is not simply the 3 most popular series at any given point, it was the 3 series that the majority of western viewers used as a jumping on point to the medium during its boom period of the early 2000s.
Where can i download it

So guys, I'm thinking about watching Evangelion. Though its kinda old, I'm not really sure if I'm going to like it or not.

So should I try it?
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No. Its a meme anime.
I'm so sorry that you need people to make decisions for you.
>makes a thread about watching evangelion
>picture is rebuild

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yeah go fucking figure
wonder what he's saying
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oh shit
Jun the judoka
So, do they ever get together? I am at chapter 200 right now.

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Tite Kubo is not a millionaire off of the highly successful multimedia franchise, Bleach? I always thought he was rich.
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>20 million
What the fuck? Given the popularity of Naruto I would have guessed it would be way more.

Goes to show how much I know about the industry, apparently.
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kubo works for free
he does it out of the goodness of his Heart

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Are there people who haven't watched Re:Zero yet?

If so, why not?
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I haven't, because it looks extremely uninteresting.
I have a tendency to put off watching extremely popular shows until the hype has died down.
>main character not a girl

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How do you feel about Lum?
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She makes me feel so many feels.
Not as much as the Ranma girls tho.
I want to fuck a Lum bum.

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Would you date a girl who lies to you about your feelings, tries to kill your best friend behind your back, and reminds you of your mother, /a/?
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The entirety of True Tears. Each pairing was terrible.
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Goodbye Cuckuryuu.
fuck off narutard

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kill me
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