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Satoshi Kon in http://www.catsuka.com/news/2016-08-24/une-discussion-avec-satoshi-kon-pendant-45-minutes-6-ans-deja-qu-il-nous-a-quitte

>To judge the quality of an animation film, people only talk about what they see on the screen.
>The technical aspect of these works is very advanced, but the content makes no sense.
>Wanting to make animation, to me, is wanting to make a film using the medium of animation.
>The thought of judging whether a work is good or bad solely by the quality of its visuals truly scares me.
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Funny, his movies were only worth watching because they had great animation.
Interesting he says that because Paprika was a shit movie that was just an experiment of editing/transitioning and cuts
Sakugafags tend to appreciate it in a vacuum though. They don't appreciate or judge a work by its animation, they appreciate the animation by itself.

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Why do guys make better girls than girls do?
(Last thread hit the bump limit. I think this topic bears further discussion.)
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Generally speaking in genderbender series when a boy has to act like a girl he's scared of getting caught, and thus puts effort into acting how he believes a girl does. Girls don't have to try to act girly and aren't concerned with having to pass as a girl, and as a result they generally act more naturally. This means that boys turned into girls act according to male ideas of femininity, since they're putting their beliefs about how girls act into practice, and thus are more likely to come off as a man's ideal girl.
They also tend to keep the tastes and mentality of a male, which makes them a lot relatable.

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>doing an /a/ essentials run
>Honey and Clover
>Cowboy Bebop
>Shinsekai Yori
>Mawaru Penguindrum
Holy fuck are these a fucking slog to get through. Every episode is a massive chore to force myself through.
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If you don't have fun watching it, don't watch it. Are you watching anime for us, or for you?
>he fell for the Evangelion meme
Top kek
You obviously just don't like anime if you can't enjoy a single one of them, that's a good variety. Some of them I disliked but some of them had me hooked from the first episode.

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Just finished this masterpiece, and I can't believe how much I ended up caring for these characters. Which characters do you care for the most.
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pengi :_;
>I love you but i would have ended up killong you anyway, only vecause i am dying i decided not do it.
Just what the fuck was wrong with this girl mind?
is this some elaborate bait?

poster name, thumbnail picture, shit opinion

>drinking lemonade warm


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>Drinking any beverage cold
It's like you want to sting your teeth you mongoloid
Don't even try and say you use ice on anything other than water
>I like whatever I'm drinking to be %50 WATER by the time I'm done
OP you have shit taste
Just drink water.
>drinking warm beer
Absolutely disgusting.

i tried to get into this anime
but i can't.
what went wrong?
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you gave a show an honest attempt and it didn't appeal to you.

you are not obligated to like every show that the way it goes
It's called being able to have an individual fucking thought. Congratulations.
Being the miracle she is, I'm sure Haruhi appreciates your attempt.

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You now remember that feeling...
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Every time I see this I go to H&C before inuyasha
I actually went to Zankyou no Terror for some reason this time.
Fuck, this ED is so nostalgic for me. I don't even have nostalgia for Inu Yasha in general, but this ED gets me.

Between this, Witch Hunter Robin, .hack//sign and Seed, it takes me back to what got me back into anime. Man, I used to love coming home to watch Bionix on YTV.

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here is a double chest shot to distract you from the fact that we have just hit the reset button
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Those are some serious Tomos
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Don't even need the translation for this one, all we care about are those big Tomos

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Royal Bitch
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I fap to Haruhi so hard. I imagine fucking her up the ass on the clubroom table while she's wearing the bunnysuit.
Is there anyone here who hasn't fucked haruhi at this point I'm pretty sure she'll have anyone who asks
I want to fuck her mouthpussy and deposit my semen directly down her throat and into her belly.

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Explain Cocoa to me
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I curse the gochiusa fandom into becoming a circlejerk that makes constant daily general threads, or turns other gochiusa threads into generals
fuck off daily circlejerk
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She is loco

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What exactly is wrong with Re:Zero?
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LN-tier writing.
Mainly the plot and characters.
Don't forget the hacky, disingenuous social commentary and psychology.

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This is a fact
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JS>>>>>Everything else>>>>JC>>shit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JK
That's a JK though
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Go back to /jp/.

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are they even in genuine love
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Well first you gotta define what genuine love is.

Good luck.
They only walked home together.
Perhaps. One thing for sure is one of them is a cheating pedo.

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What a waste.
This. If only she wasn't such a stupid bitch and actually followed Azazel's orders. Then this wouldn't have happened.>>146196457

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That was quick.png
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Post best oh shit moments.
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rose spawned from his heart ?
No. Is better you read the manga. The name is "The promised neverland"
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