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No, but seriously can someone explain what I just watched?
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No, you need to watch it a few more times until you get it.
re-watch it and figure it out yourself.
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13 episodes of bear pajama propaganda

>Naruto is done
>Bleach is done
>Hunter x Hunter suffers from haitus
>Berserk suffers from hiatus and the author becoming shitty due to [email protected] or something
>Jojo is no longer shounen
>everything else either went to shit or was canceled

Once One Piece ends I don't think their will ever been another big three battle shounen because japanese kids don't seem to care about it anymore and the only people who still read jump are oldfags or otaku.

Would this be a good or bad thing for the anime industry?
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Why is Berserk in this list of WSJ battle shonen
>Jojo is no longer shounen
How is it not?
The only difference is that it's not for kids anymore and we might get an on screen sex scene.
>The only difference is that it's not for kids anymore

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What went wrong?
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The Editor

By forcing Kubo to work in Sweat shop conditions and hellish work schedule, they gradually degraded the quality of story and art. In a sense it was also Kubo's fault for agreeing to such terms when he couldn't handle the demand.

The same thing is why comics books are so bad right now because you have editor constantly forcing their wishes on the creator, and ruining their creativity.
Too many characters introduced too fast.

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Who's the best Protagonist?
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Definitely not Asta.
>putting three shit tier protags.

That's cheating.

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1frt sales.
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>dem lips
I like it.

These are your invaders for the night.
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I'll fuck the one second from the left.
Nice. Dibs on girl in the middle. Onee-san are always a best.
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Who gets the room?

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Describe megumin without using the word "explosion"
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Not best girl

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i want to _____ this retard!
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I would tongue punch her fart box.
Stop watching bad anime.
devour the asshole of

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Name a better club in anime. You can't.
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body improvement club in Mob Psycho 100. now fuck off with your self aware meme shit show
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Genshiken. At least until it turned into a harem show anyways.

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What makes brown so appealing?
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It's more lewd.
Visual contrast, especially in anime where colors and highlights are pretty stark, which makes them and their sexual features really pop. It especially accentuates already attractive elements like bright hair and eyes.

Also lingering stereotypes about tanned or dark-skinned folk being more sexually open.
Not necessarily more appealing to me. I just like Kuro because she's a lewd little slut.

So Mob Psycho is where ONE actually bothered to put effort in to his writing huh?
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Yes, this is not news.
You're just realizing this now OP?
unfortunately, the series he put less effort into is way more popular
Yep. Sucks that it took this long for people to understand that but at least the anime is really fucking good.

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What's the worst directed anime you've seen in the past 6 years?
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Your favorite anime
Aldnoah Zero
Captain Earth
Fate/Stay UBW
Gundam IBO
Rolling Girls or Coppelion.

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pic unrelated I assume
There are very few cases of this.
Manga is the superior form by leaps and bounds desu.
Anime writing was shit and didn't understood the genius of PS humor.

But visually it was quite good, the shading had a rare sense of depth or something with all the implied lights in it. Though again, not contrasted enough to fully honor the manga's parody mood.

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What should I watch next?
What's the last show you watched?
Do you want more of it's genre or balance shit out with something opposite?
Or should i just fuck your shit up senpai
Watch Kurenai. Little gem.

Can someone actually give me an argument about why they thought Evangelion was bad? Every single argument I've seen against it was just braindead retarded. Do people shit on this show just for the fuck of it? Are people really so stupid that they didn't understand Evangelion?
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dumb eva poster
It's mecha shit
I couldn't finish it.

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