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>watching Stand Alone Complex for the 3rd time (and I practically NEVER rewatch animu)
>still holds ups, still top-tier episodes all through the 2 seasons with GOAT OPs and EDs
>engrossing, complex storylines with great stand-alone stories to flesh out the characters

Why is it still so good /a/? Also post those series that you always return to again and again even when you still have stuff on your backlog
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High production value
Adult characters that have adult conversations
Fantastic over arching plot
Goes indepth about philosophical questions
Top tier protagonist and waifu
Rock solid cast
Nice ost

Its not a classic show for nothing
Was doing the same recently to get myself out of a slump of no anime, watched the entire first season in like a few days.

It's just as >>149049722 says, it's a classic show with high productions values and a lot going for it. Definitely a favorite.
I liked the stand alone episodes a lot, but I feel the main plot with the corrupt senator and the laughing man was resolved kind of shittily. They kind of built up to some kind of desperate confrontation that never happened. Everything up to the last 3 or so episodes was ace though.

How much value do you put into visual direction?
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None. I'm a White Foxfag.
Yet another thread of cinegrids.
What is the point of these threads? A still image out of context tells us nothing about the quality of direction, the focus of the image could be completely inappropriate, the shot could last too long, the feeling the scene is trying to create is lost, the shot could move in some way that changes the way we should interpret it, the way it flows between shots could affect things. Still images out of context tell us very little about direction. It is like trying to convey the quality of animation through still images. At best all you can say is that they have used a wide range of varied shot types and creatively layered the shots by using different objects to obstruct the camera from an image like yours, you can't tell if those are good shots to be used in the scenes they are being used in at all without context. Without context it is all pretty much meaningless in terms of being good or bad direction.
buzzwords buzzwords buzzwords

>All military tech is from the future
>Still using steam catapults instead of electromagnetic catapults
>Still using the Harrier instead of the F-35B
>Still using non-modular equipment and ship hulls
It's like they didn't even do any research!
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I have absolutely no idea what this grainy stream screenshot of a vague mecha outline is, but I'm going to assume the creators didn't give a shit about muh realistic future because they're writing fiction, you faggot.
>soilder trained from birth can't into OPSEC
They honestly have only themselves to blame for having so many problems protecting their database
>doesn't recognize FMP


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Goku's seiyuu is pretty cute for a grandma don't you think /a/?
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Goku is a loud ugly faggot and so is his VA
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You seem to not grasp the concept of voice acting in animation.

I would.

Best music this season?

Best OP: Yuri on Ice, Days OP2
OST: Takkyuu Musume
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I wish Takkyuu Musume would play the track from the intro of Episode 1 more often.

I need that track in my life.
OP: Nanbaka
ED: I never listen to EDs, so I don't know
OST: Classicaloids or Bungou Stray Dogs
best OPs: Drifters, Yuri on Ice, Chi's Sweet Home (2016)
best EDs: Yuri on Ice, Hibikek, Trickster

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Homew Homew
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Homu smoke.jpg
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homuhomu edgy.png
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Why is Homura so edgy?

What is going to happen next chapter? Any bets?
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More flashback. Basically Grisha waking up after eating a shifter, being found by Keith, the Reiss's taking an interest in who the outsider is, and Grisha's final words to Erin.
EH is canon.
LH is canon.

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Why are making this thread again?
Cause I love dark fantasies. Thats all
Stop spamming this shit, you fucking faggot.

How do you feel when most of the anime's funny moments envolve in any way a girls underwear and one beta main character who can't deal with it? For me it can ruin an anime.
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It's great, we need more anime with this and less people like you.
Sakurasou was great and so was it's ED
>Not believing in panties
Shame on you OP.

Season 3 with snowy mountains when?
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Fuck Kokona
Season 3 never
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no fun allowed.webm
3MB, 930x522px

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We have always stood on the borderland
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Whitefox flops again
What was her name again?
i think its loko.

i hear she's pretty koko.

>yfw your 7 year old kid brother is a raging precure fan

The black weebness runs strong in our blood
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Break him off it now before autism gains a solid foothold on him.
I thought all of you Harambe's were suppose to like Dbz at that age, how the fuck did he even discover precure?
Being a nigger doesn't make it okay to blog
you mean glitter force? thats gay mane

>Want to download old anime
>No one is seeding
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IRC you nigger.
>what is animebytes

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I'll start.
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Battle harems will ALWAYS lose their steam when the writer gets over-confident and starts making it more about the actual story instead of the tits.
Feng Shen Jhi
Shingeki no Kyojin
Knights of Sidonia
Fuck, I miss this manga, it was really fun. Haven't seen an update for years. ;_;

Unless it got axed and I didn't know.

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Who would win?
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Well, only one of them has plot armor, so...
All things considered, without the intervention of plot armor, I'd say Sojirou. Arguably the fastest character in the series by a pretty large margin (blitzing Kenshin) who is also one of the best swordsmen in terms of pure skill and talent. Especially if this was still Sojirou without emotions.
Kenshin beat all of them, so...

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