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Why are they looking at you like that?
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All girls look at me like that.
I whipped out my 2 inch pecker
They walked in on me furiously masturbating on mugi's keyboard

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I just read the manga and whatched the movie and enjoyed both versions. What do I do with my life now?
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find a new show

watch something that isn't babby's first anime
Yeah something good like Yuru Yuri or Kiniro Mosaic

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Jesus fucking Christ what the everloving fuck is wrong with you dipshits?

I finally get sick to death of faggots like you all telling me to watch anime. I try this shit out. It seems decent enough. Oh, but the writing is dogshit. Well hey, I'm sure a lot of it is lost in translation, I'll make some allowances. But the plot is retarded, the characters are retarded, the political bits don't go beyond "LE EVIL EMPIRE", the technology doesn't go beyond "LE GIANT ROBOTS", it never even bothers to explain the magic shit or even show Protagonist Man attempt to figure out the magic shit, and then it pulls THIS fucking shit? Fucking product placement in a fantasy dystopia?

And this is what passes for a good anime? Was I lied to, or are you all just fucking retarded?
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Watch more anime
Try Boku no Pico. It's an underrated masterpiece.
Really? That's where you drew the line?

I thought the meme was that the show was only fun to watch with /a/ while it was airing. And that R2 sucked.

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tfw you will never watch this for the first time again
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>tfw you will never fap to rei for the first time again
But I'm watching it right now.

It's fine, though Asuka's hard to tolerate when you aren't a 14 year old boy in 1997.
>he didn't read it first

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I want your opinion /a/

Who have the worst fans?
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he didn't ask about naruto retarded piece of shit
but naruto does have the worst fans

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Thoughts on the new Magi chapter? Why is Sinbad such an asshole?
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He's done nothing wrong
>He's done nothing wrong

Brainwashed Kougyoku into betraying her family
Pushed the Kou Empire into an economic crisis
Betrayed Aladdin to try and steal Solomon's Wisdom
Broke into the Sacred Palace to take over as god
have those two fucked yet?

are they still on namek?

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So has he gone paranoid or is best boy right again?

I'm starting to really love this manga. How do we keep it from getting canceled?
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It is hinted when mama says Ray tends to give up too soon.
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Ray really was the traitor
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it's thursday and there's no brave witches thread
Been wondering that too. Wasn't it supposed to be out already?

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>10 years later
>she's still not knocking
Will she ever save me?
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She's not an angel you fool.
If you believe hard enough.

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What the fuck was his problem?
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I don't ever remember seeing this scene. Did I miss something or was I just not paying attention?
It's in season 2. I forget if it's wine or actual blood tho. He does it while watching Kaiji battle the Bog.
Tonegawa was a better villain

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What do you think of characters who find having an affair to be thrilling?
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Insatiable whores.
Absolute garbage.
I'll put it in their pooper but I'll never respect them.

wow this show is pretty bad
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Because it reminds you of your life
only a little
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I liked it. You should totally take that advice. Or just watch more anime to know what bad is

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

59 days!

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This is the santa that give elves to orcs and goblins on christmas?
Can you make/post one of these with any of the following characters:

Sanya from Strike Witches
Emi from KS (with running legs visible)
Mugi (pretty sure this one exists, I just haven't seen it)
kill your self

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How much propaganda this will be?
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None. It's delicious yuris.
Just when I thought KyoAni couldn't get any better.
It's getting an anime? Hot fucking skippity.

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who was the best girl?
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the one with stockings
The one with large, far-spaced eyes.

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