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ITT characters that didn't get as many doujins as they deserved
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fuck off
>being completely gay
>3 IPs
u gay

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Why didn't Bulma end up pairing with Goku? They were a much better fit for eachother than Goku x Chichi. Chichi is just an annoying bitch who never should've been a part of the series.
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Because their relationship was never like that, at least not from his perspective.
Goku should keep his virginity as a magic fighter instead of giving birth to generation of jobbers

They were basically brother and sister. Even later when she truly respects the dude she never truly lusts after him.

>Chichi is just an annoying bitch
Chichi is best wife who's personality gets shafted for comedy hijinks.

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Now that we're a few eps into s2, I just have to wonder /a/, where do we rank IBO(the first season at least) among the rest of the Gundam series?
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Slightly above Destiny.
I honestly rank the first season above the rest of the franchise. The politics and life situation of the protagonists actually feel really compared to the other series.

The only thing that this series lacks is the cool Gundam designs.

P.S I don't like that they're pushing a second protagonist in the new season. Honestly fuck that guy.
Above Destiny & Age, going by season 1. Season 2's off to a decent start so things may change.

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Are you expecting anything from this?
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It's going to be another phantom world, i.e. pretty garbage.
This is more of a Lucky Star with some Nichijou over the top comedy and monster girls.
>Before anime
Shows up only occasionally in OPT threads
>Kyoani annoucenement
Back to back threads

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What happens?
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I buy all the BDs.
Kirei joins the Sakuragaoka light music club as their lead guitarist. Instead of tea and cakes, they spend their time eating mapo tofu. The viewers all masturbate to sweaty, teary-eyed Mio being forced to eat mapo tofu.
Kirei is now a young spoilt girl who can suddenly become super deformed at will and gets his brother to buy him everything.

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It's Wednesday! (for me at least)
So you know what that means!
Your beloved senpai will draw for you.
Roll call time!
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ononoki a cute, can i request her?
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Of course you can.

Where the heck is everybody!?
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Could I request these two from a different perspective? I haven't participated in these before so do you need more images as reference?

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ITT things that existed but everyone forgot about

Pic related. This was going to be a thing but it got canceled at the last minute.
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Why does Japan do this?
Was it actually any good?

Well /a/, who wins?
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Vegito is confirmed stronger. I've never read anything that indicted otherwise
Gohan will win
What if we take Vegito... And fuse him with Gogeta?

Why were the specifics of the ships glossed over in favor of political dogma

We never seen any ship to ship combat that draws on the ship's themselves even star trek got it right on that front
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I guess they thought it would hinder the story, which is driven by polotics
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I love the ships designs of LotGH, and I'm glad they never went into detail about them.

Tons of great sci-fi gets ruined by trying to explain your FTL tech and stuff with meaningless technobabble, when the good 'ol suspension of disbelief does the job just as well.
Why didn't both sides paint their ships black?

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Anyone else still reading Barakamon? Naru's dad finally made an appearance.
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Her dad is a plane?
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Isn't that normal? My dad's an attack helicopter.

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> Had a well-built setting based on the 17th Century, with Protestantism and the rise of musket armies.
> Had multiple references to dynastic politics including kissing cousins
> Had at least one deep and compelling villain (Joseph)
> Had a neat magical system
> Could've had a wonderful post-apocalyptic "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"-like arc.

> Gets ruined by haremshit.

In the end Noboru Yamaguchi truly died of what he wrote.

What other series have been done a great injustice by the haremshit scourge?
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Louise is best girl.
You keep making this thread, and it's absolutely retarded every time.
Don't talk shit about him or his death, OP.

But i have to admit haremshit ruined it, i hope there will be a spinoff or maybe a new story inspired by this but no haremshit

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Couldn't she put her selfishness aside for a second and think about Mizore´s feelings?
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Asuka did the only right thing by trying to maintain the status quo. Nobody could predict that Mizore wasn't going to ruin everything if they let Nozomi near her.
She obviously knew that Mizore didn't hate Nozomi at all, her obsession with the band and hate for quitters are beyond selfish
the most annoying character in the entire show

This ending is so fucking gay, someone give me the run down as to how shit /a/ though kuromukoro was
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i don't remember it being gay
Kuromukuro should have been 12-13 episodes, overstayed its welcome too hard and the pacing went to shit in the second half.
how did this shit end?

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hellsing integra.jpg
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Integra is my waifu
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But why tho
.t Alucard
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She used to be so much cuter.

This is Mizore.

Mizore is a shit.

Everything is literally all her fault.

We lost 4 episodes for this. Like holy fuck I've met some autistic people but nobody is this autistic.
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hey fuck you
oboe is literally the best instrument in that band
it is why they don't have two oboes
just one oboe
and it's her
and she is good at it
They don't have more oboes because no one wants to be around her autistic ass.
except the people who actually like her like lazy eupho, ribbons and flute

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