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I'm so thankful a show like Non Non Biyori was made. It let me relive the childhood I never had. I self-inserted into the characters because I have been born a mentally reatarded person and as I live through my adventures throughout the show I actually become Renge.

Non Non Biyori really saved my life because I am now living in Non Non Biyori but although I'll miss you all I want you to know I am now going to be reborn as a little girl in a small country town of Japan.

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i'm so happy for you
Is this a suicide letter?
Nyanpasu !

Say hello to hotarun best grill

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Would you cheat on your girlfriend with your mother?
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Gonna need the sauce on that,friend.
Also no.
i would probably cheat with any woman that could tempt me with bigger tits, although i am a thirsty virgin.
That would be really fucking gross.

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Mio is the best K-On.
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Mio is worst K-On!

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does Mio believe in our Lord savior Jesus Christ?

has /a/ ever watched this harem before?
it seems to be forgotten or nobody ever knew it existed.
>who's your best girl?
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I only know of it from this picture that I saw on /a/ back in like 2005.

Why am I still here?
momen was very hungry girl.

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Are you looking forward to it? Do you think it will be good? Or do you think it will be shit?

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the fuck this thi-

Where's the MC?

Where were you when government in Grisaia approved child soldiers?

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I'm excited
Why do they look like Yuuji's children with the main girls? Is that the twist?
Was thinking the same

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How has Satoshi Mizukami not had an anime adaptation yet?

Between Hoshi no Samidare and Spirit Circle he has a lot of potential for a good adaptation, provided the studio is good.

Not to mention some of his other tales.
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Spirit Circle was so goddamn good.

Mizukami is great, I'm sure someday someone will adapt one of his works.
I just finished reading it tonight - not that it's a long series - and I was so satisfied (even though, of course, I'd love to see exactly how Fuuta's life goes I understand the reason for the way it ended, and I ultimately respect it).

It's so good.

Mizukami's artstyle is very unique as well.
My guess is that he simply doesn't want to.

If that rumor about the cancelled Biscuit Hammer adaptation is true maybe that left him with a bad taste, or maybe he simply doesn't feel like his stories would translate well into anime.

Or he's just not popular enough in Japan to get anime offers.

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English dub or wait for a Japanese audio release ?

This is the release I got since fansub groups at the time didn't have any out.

http:// sceper. ws/09/kingsglaive-final-fantasy-xv-2016-limited-1080p-bluray-x264-veto.html
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Might as well watch it with the english dub.

its not like the plot is good at all anyway. The action is the only real thing worth watching for.

Also the aspect ratio on this movie is disgusting. It feels like they chopped the top and bottom of the screen off.
>wasting this god-tier CGI on such a shitty plot

Watch the dub you got. As the other anon said, the plot and dialogue is gonna be dumb whether you wait or not.

Besides, its got Sean Bean so thats always a plus.

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>I'm a demon
What the FUCK did I just watch?
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Something that will never get a second season.
>it's been SIX YEARS
3 more years, snake

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>Guts, you can't let the armor overwhelm you! If you let it cloud your mind, you won't be able to come back out of it... You'll go Berserk!
Jesus christ, really?
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Are you complaining? cause you are really picking straws here if you are.
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And your point? Are you just butthurt by the title drop?
It bothers me that SK and Guts both made such a fuss about him going Berserk™ wearing the armor then Guts just turns around and does it every day.

He didn't even try to keep it under control really.

pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day
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somehow, just makes it worse
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What went wrong?
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She wasn't a space cyborg/alien, the author pussied out on a kiss at the end. Only thing I can think of at the moment.
The series started with her claiming she'd lose her virginity to him.

The series ended without them even kissing.
because no everything can be jitsu wa watashi wa

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Which one?
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Right, all night long.
Ha-chan will likely die from intercourse, Excel will probably break your fucking dick.
Neither of those would discourage me from trying however.
tonzura koite
Tonzura koite

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Would you kill your waifu if you found out she was a commie?
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I would kill OP if I found out he was a /pol/ browser.
>his waifu isn't communist
Anyone got that cute anime girl CYOA?

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Loli loevs hambaga!
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Loli has no nose.
She's got more of a nose than most these days
>"Brother, videogames"

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