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How the fuck do we save KyoAni? Is it even possible? Is it even worth saving?
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just ignore them until they make haruhi again
From shitposters? By reporting them, probably.
You can't do jack squat to "Help" or "Save" Kyoto Animation. You can't influence the industry in any way other than sending dick pictures to seiyuu (and even then you send them to the wrong person).

Prove me wrong

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Childhood is idolizing Rem.
Adulthood is realizing Emilia makes more sense.
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Childhood is idolizing Rem or Emilia. Adulthood is realizing Betelgeuse makes more sense.
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Childhood is idolizing Rem, Emilia and Betelgeuse. Adulthood is realizing Echidna makes more sense.
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Achieving Nirvana is realizing that Ferri is the most pure.

What's going on here
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its his knee silly
all the manliness must've went to his manhood

explains why he's such a faggot
Is when Asuka fap to a comathose Shinji.

This show is amazing. I unironically love this. It's so stupid but so fun.
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it's a turd
currently watching episode 4 . the opening is so amazing too!
Can't even get my dick hard with this shit.

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Is it my disdain for overstylized pretentious artsy fartsy piles of shit or isn't this show just as good as people keep telling me?
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Why would you watch it if you know you don't like visually ambitious stuff?
The problem's you, not the show.

You either keep an open mind and try to enjoy yourself or you pick another show and live on.

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Early Kaguya Today
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>no kaguya fanart on pixiv, much less 2hu kaguya fanart
I really hate how twitter basically took over as the go-to fanart dump
What happened to pixiv?

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Who is the best anime politician?

I think it's pic related.
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Agreed. I like people who I can play mahjong with
The one from Samumenco

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Rize Arc incoming. Ishida is trying to save his shit manga.
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Nice, I love his art.
better be good
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About fuckin time

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cute anime pic 1164.jpg
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Why is this your favorite body type?
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Cute and tight.
Tight and warm.
it isn't

Why is this masterpiece so underrated?
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Because it's legitimately boring.
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Miniwa a best.
Only the IRC crew gave it the praise it deserved

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Was Manami made deliberately ugly so people wouldn't sympathize with her? If she had Ayase or Kuroneko's design she would literally be best girl.
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Only that her personality is ugly as fuck.
I thought she was cute as fuck senpai, don't know what show you were watching.

Manami a cute
Episode where clueless male harem protagonist #35 who's name I can't remember sleeps over at her house and we meet all her family a best

Manami did nothing wrong, whatshisname doesn't deserve her

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Caesar when?
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Carrot will join.


will all get BTFO.
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She will kiss him in next meeting

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April 3, 2009 was the day anime officially died.
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I agree. K-On! was the last great TV anime in my opinion, haven't really been able to appreciate anything new on that level since. Maybe I'll watch it again.
Lucky Star started the death of anime, K-on was the final nail in the coffin.

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Is this a good weapon?
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>literally the retarded cousin of the spear

no, scythes will never be good weapons.
well, she's a demon, so I guess it's an evil one, rather
my sword is a good weapon

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Zaregoto OVA2 pv.webm
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>[Hassan-Raws] Kubikiri Cycle - Aoiro Savant to Zaregototsukai - 01 (BD 1920x1080 x264)
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is she autistic?
Her social skills are too good for that.

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