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Post only God tier.
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It's BONK, stupid.
It's clearly DONK. kys
It is TONK, baka <3

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Anyone else going to see Kizumonogatari tonight? I'm going to the showing in Atlanta
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post pics of how many people show up, im legetimetely interested
I saw in yesterday in NC. Pretty good. Can't wait for part 3 to complete my poster set.

I didn't take pics but it was pretty full for a small/mid sized theater.
maybe i'll also get to watch it this year

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Three weeks until Megumi's decisive win.
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So boring.
Them some huge legs.
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She always had a great figure.

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ITT: Girls who please old men for money
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Your waifu
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No. She's just helping out her aunt.

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Is this the best ecchi anime of all time?
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Manga's better.
Ako is best girl
what's the point of reading a lewd manga without the sound porn.
yuzuki best girl

Didn't see a thread about this
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>February 2017
Probably because no one cares
>The Chapter 361 of Hunter X Hunter will be aired soon on television.

I've been reading the Koichoco VN and Chisato has been shoved in my face around every 6 minutes by the writers, either by the trending route plot, other characters or herself.
This is all happening OUTSIDE of her route.

Also she's the only one who gets the unskippable scene treatment, both in her own route, the prologue and other girl' routes, you'd imagine the heroine of the route would get those unskippable scenes with this amazing OST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkuYCJVc0NI

but nope, everything is Chisato , everyone has a boner or ladyboner for Chisato, the story, every other character and herself make you seem like humongous piece of shit for rejecting the girl who loves you more than life, your only choice is to move away from the screen while the unskippable scene passes if you don't want to feel like shit listening to her heartrending wails.

By the way I fucking love Chisato but I imagine the writers wanted to do 5 Chisato routes but some marketing guy told them that would be a bad idea so others girls were tacked in.
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chisato a mary sue
Chisato is love, Chisato is life.

Behead those who insult Chisato.
No, she's actually pretty fucking flawed but the writers sure have a boner for her.

/elitist thread/
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Can you please read it, think about your own opinion and stop posting about this? It's the 5th thread in less than 2 days.
I need an Priori Knowledge and Justification
How can you tell if random guys on an anonymous anime image board are going to have tastes that are compatible with yours?

The show that everyone forgot has a new episode. This is going to be 50+ episodes and I hope i'm not the only one watching it.
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I'm still watching.
Sae is cute af and I want to see where the fuck she came from and why she has those powers.
You should be happy that anime you like got 50 episodes. Not many can say the same about anime they like.
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>what's so attractive about a 30 year old woman?

Well /a/? You wouldn't your Christmas cake OL boss would you?
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>tfw almost 30 myself
Grandpa please go

Tao Pai Pai

The first opponent to completely outclass Goku and first villain with notable on-screen kills. Though Goku probably doesn't have much personal vendetta against him as he was casual around him in filler.

Piccolo Daimao

The first truly irredeemable bad guy in Dragon Ball and big tonal shift of the seires. However, his power is quickly made as nothing special as any major fighter during the 23rd Budokai (except Chi-Chi and Tao) can beat him.


The most iconic villain due to having the most build up and on-screen beefs in Dragon Ball history, most notably with Goku and Vegeta. However, he was immediately surpassed after his titular arc.


The only vilain to successfully kill Goku and his most notable beefs were with Gohan and Trunks but was killed off before he became a universal threat. However unlike Freeza who was quickly surpassed, Cell was not surpassed in the Majin Boo Saga till Majin Boo himself appeared.

Majin Boo

The oldest villain and has caught the most bodies killing everyone on Earth including Earth itself, but no notable beefs.
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Buu, duh.

While the Zamatsus keep screwing around, Buu eliminated almost all the human kind in few minutes without even damaging Earth, and that Buu was kind of an idiot.

Plus he killed almost all the Z fighters and absorved Piccolo
I forgot this happened. Damn, DBS is bullshit, no way Zamazu doesn't have the power to do something similar.

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I will post this occasionally until you like Clannad.
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I will never love Clannad.
I do like Clannad.
your gonna have to try harder than that. I don't even like the fish yet.

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I miss Beelzebub.
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I was waiting for this to get translated.
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Post your favorite old anime here
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Magic Knight Rayearth
Serial Experiments Lain
Daicon IV
Digimon Tamers
Kaleido Star

(these are the ones that would be likely to make my 3x3 anyway)

They don't make 'em like that anymore

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