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What do you do with this lazy maid that makes Sella do all the work while she lazes on the couch?
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comfort services
Buy her increasingly lewd outfits to wear around the house as she does so.

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>OP by Seikima II
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>OP is a faggot
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OP/ED by Kenji Otsuki

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Is this show actually any good? Should I watch it based off of this? (Vivid Strike)
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If you're going to let us make your decisions for you, then let me suggest you to kill yourself.
I both value and respect your opinion, so I'll take that to note.
It is unless you're a normalfag.

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Jeez, include a seizure warning for that.
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Can't stop reding BL despite not being gay.
Anyone else like this?
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You're gay.
who tf eats sushi with pizza and salad and lamb chops
its called a buffet you uncultured swine

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Is this the best girl in one punch?
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More girl fighters EXIST?
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So /a/, did you like Shelter? Why? Why not?
In case you didn't watch it yet: https://youtu.be/fzQ6gRAEoy0
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Diet Eva
It was alright.
go to bed madeon

Post some Dandy, baby
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I just finished this show today.
So did Dandy basically make the universe into a paradox by refusing to be God, or did I miss the point?

He already was a god from the very first episode.
He just didn't want to be an overseer like the narrator because he has too much fun inside the universe.

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Left or right?
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Right. Left is hot garbage.
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Short hair cat.

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Guys, I think it's been a while since we have WEG thread. I'll start.
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Flip flapper.jpg
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I can already hear you sick fucks fapping to this furiously
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So they went gay for the first two covers, and now they're going gay in the other direction? Does that mean cover 4 will be het, or more homo?
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>all that ass
No Mob or Reigen = No fapping

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hi where are the keions??

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please I need the keions
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please reply to my good thread

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Be disgusted at each other
Die from starvation
repopulate the world

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Just watched this arc of Black Lagoon for the first time.

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Like, I need some fucking xanax
God I fapped hard. I wish they showed us more of the depravity.

>chink arc will never finish in your lifetime


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This is kinda off topic but this is the best place to ask for my needs. I have to buy a new laptop, and I want something that will be able to play 1080p hi10p anime with madVR, do I need to buy something with a proper GPU or any modern laptop will do? I mainly use my gaming desktop and plug my 6 years old laptop on my tv, which has dedicated memory but is getting old and laggy and will probably die soon.

I don't really care for any other uses than having an anime machine, what do I need for this in 2016?
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I think any 1080p modern laptop would work. A GPU is only really needed for gaming or rendering video desu.

This thread would be better here: >>>/g/
If my shitty laptop can play that shit then
I don't think you need to worry too much.
What's your laptop? And do you plug it on a 1080p screen? That's a big difference, I notice a huge difference with my shitty laptop between native 1366x768 and TV 1080p output

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