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How do i get into this? In what order should i watch the anime series?
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Wait, there's Fate\Extra anime already? I don't need to endure Jan-Ken-Pon combat for the story anymore?
Don't. Just play Fate/Grand Order or go look at some of the porn
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Just got in this thread because i was browsing /a/ for the first time in a while and i was interested too, is people here always so funny?

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It's Mwee
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Which retard came up with the nonexistent M?

Isn't she saying "hui" as in a mispronunciation of "hai"?
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Where's he drinkin that Chaika?

One thing that has always bothered me is how in every single series I've watched there has to be a scene where a characters says something and never finishes his sentence. Can someone explain this to me? It's so frequent and annoying at the same time. Do the writers just run out of ideas what the character could say and just lazily cut to the next scene like that?
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It's part of how actual Japanese people speak and they understand what is meant even if foreign autists relying on translations don't.
It's a Japanese thing. They say as little as possible, and then you have to understand everything from the context.
Writing for shows like that has to be the easiest job ever.

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Does anyone actually know who this show is aimed at?
All they talk about is girl problems
Nothing a guy can really relate to
Despite this Galko is hyper sexualized
Your thoughts?
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I'm 100% sure the author is a tranny.

the manga is drawn in blue and purple, seriously who the fuck does this black is the standard
I really don't care who it's aimed at, I watched it because of the cute girls and pure galko
Maybe it's aimed at girls?

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ITT : Trash
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The title resume perfectly the content, and that's why i love it.
A badass mindless edgefest with gore, rape, and all the good shit.
It sure is trash, unmistakably so.
you're waifu

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Is he faking his "illness"?
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He also said he was super fat and had back problems because of it. Seems like he isn't.
Maybe he *gasp*... lost weight
My sides are hunterfags the most cucked fanbase

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Best girl isn't there.
And neither is Rei.
nobody should be smiling there and you shouldnt start threads with 14k pics
Yeah, I shouldn't be alive either, but I don't hear you bitching about that.

In this thread we post the shittiest characters.

Worst personality, shittiest reasoning, most horrible character motivations. You name it.
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Everyone in Code Geass.
Everyone in Re:zero.
Why code geass is mediocre?
C.C Best Girl

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pull my pants down
*unleashed my folded 100000 times katana*
*teleport behind her*
*pshh nothing personell bitch*
tell him i'm not into dudes

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Greatest love story of all time.
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I wouldn't go that far but it was pretty alright I guess.
It was cute, but we never got to see much of her feet, or them cuddling.

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>you will never be as relaxed as Tanaka-kun

This anime was so good
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the imoutos were cute, don't have an image of them though
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>you will never fuck Miyano

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Is he the biggest fag in anime history?
He can turn into a hot girl whenever he wants yet he wants to get rid of the "curse". Also multiple girls are in love with him and yet hes too much of a faggot to pick one
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Boys didn't want to be cute girls in 1987, anon. 4chan culture was almost 20 years away. Ranma was just a product of his time.
Being a fucking strong male with a harem
>duh what a fag
Sasuga /a/
If you were being forced to choose between a bunch of bitches you don't even know and care nothing about, you'd be the same way, hypocrite.

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Yes, to Asuka.
your zipper is not the door to your heart, your dick is not your heart. stop thinking with it.
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you dont tell me what to do

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Underrated mangas
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Here's your reply.
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Been meaning to make a reaction image of lower left but cropping images takes minutes away from shitposting here.
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>All these Christmas Cake threads where they want a Cake related romance
>Get one
>Nobody talks about it

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this isnt the future i asked for

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Some of these people are dead though.
Looks like the approach to movement doesn't completely draw from limited animaiton like the previous movie but the visual style looks even worse now. It looks like a game cutscene from the 2000s.
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It does looks like it was ripped out of Raging Blast 2 with it's shading.

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