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I just finished Oyasumi Punpun. I thought it was phenominal so I wanted to ask you /a/.
What did you think of Oyasumi Punpun?
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Overrated, but still pretty good.
This. And more specifically it starts off great has it's ups and downs then goes full edge at the end and kind of mucks it all up. The sub plot about the crazies goes no where and only detracts from the story.
Asano stated in an interview that he kept making it darker and darker because of the negative feedback.

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Who here remembers this?
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No one. That pink haired slut looked good though. I recall this show airing on an awkward tv net work at an awkward time.
I do

as I recall, it sucks
I remember those early faps to Petra Fina

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Do you like maid outfits?
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How to make upside down /a/?

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Find a flaw.
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Tail can be cut with an Earth blade.
Can't see a fatso with a katana until it's too late.
No style.

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>A woman of irresistible beauty. No man can defy her will.

Post them /a/.
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Alright /a/. How would you deconstruct the catgirl genre in anime/manga?
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Have them be feral beasts that would fuck you up in any second. Doesn't try to act cute, always steals your food when you don't look at them. They're complete assholes, are always bringing in dead rodents and birds. Probably smell like complete shit. Just like actual cats.
what about the petting?
Have cat girls be basically bipedal cats.
Have cat boys be humans with cat ears and tails

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Wait what the fuck? Saki is getting a live action?
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The 3d piggu actually looks better
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I'm amazed I'm saying this, but I cannot disagree.

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I'm sorry OP but this is possibly the stupidest thread I've seen in a week, and I mean that in a bad way.
What the fuck are you doing?
haihaii should be kamisama tier desu

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You're probably to figure out what she has under her pants, right
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White panties, right?
>You're probably to figure out what she has under her pants

I think you something there anon

Wait, they were girls?
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No, they're traps.
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"Yes, I am a boy."
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They were girls.

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Why does Sakaki look like a man?
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I don't particularly care for Sakaki but she doesn't look like a man at all. She's pretty grumpy right there though.
What is wrong with papa in the background?
It's an after affect of Yuji's anti-gravity technique.

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Felix is cute, cute!
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Otto is cuter, and he doesn't even need a skirt.
What anime is she from?

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brave witches.jpg
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>Fans asked for it for years
>Nobody cares about it now that it's out

What went wrong?
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Fans asked for a 3rd season, not for a spinoff full of literally whos.

Also, nice thumbnail
This, fpbp.

Also, I would prefer Desert Witches instead of shitty spinoff with even more SHITTY CG.
Fuck this cancerous 3DCG.
Also, normally we should have get the subs 8 hours ago. what happend to today's episode?
it got delayed until next week anon

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>we have a 50 million dollar budget, the best animators in japan and a prime time spot on television so what anime should we make?
>an adaptation of a manga about highschool girls who lust after some guys dick
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Baccano or a novel/manga that's super fucking good that deserves super good treatment.
Unintelligent toad spreader
Nips have shit taste in everything, so high school romances are the best money-makers.

I don't understand the appeal of ecchi anime
I dont like ecchi anime because you literally see nothing in it. It's really just a downgraded version of a hentai. There is seriously nothing that ecchi anime does better. At all.
Not all anime is like ecchi anime. Very well-made ones exist as well, but ecchi anime... i just don't see any appeal. There are no intruiging characters, the artwork is reused many times, and the story isn't even remotely interesting.
As for the sexy parts: They can be found in much larger quantities (and even better quality) in Hentai anime/manga, and any other visual novel. Ecchi anime is basicly just a devolved version of any other similar form of entertainment.
I seriously don't understand the appeal. I would say "easy access", but i'm pretty sure there is a bunch of free hentai (or any of the other things that i listed) online that people could just look up without paying a cent.
This goes without saying: ecchi anime has a worse plot than any of the things i listed. I am 100% sure you could find a hardcore hentai online that has almost no plot... and yet it would still tell a better story than them.
There is literally NOTHING good about ecchi anime. You could say, "boobs", but my answer to that would be, "Go watch porn".
Watching ecchi anime is like: Your friend offers you a free sandwich packed with all of your favorite ingredients, but instead you go buy a "sandwich" at the store that is literally just a bit of mayonaise inside of some bread. It's not even really a sandwich at this point because everything that makes it a sandwich has been removed. You could call it a sandwich, but you'd only be lying to yourself. Then your friend asks you why you bought that piece of :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts: "sandwich" instead of his awesome offer, but you can't explain because
IT WAS A :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:ING STUPID DECISION
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Ecchi anime sometimes has better animation and stories than porn
i didn't read all that shit, but you know that h-anime's budget and quality are abysmal right now, right? ecchi anime at least has a semblance of plot and budget.

i don't even like ecchi myself and i know this

also you should post /a/ characters on /a/
What do you mean by this?

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