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New video with deaf Shouko's voice

2billion surpassed, officially become best Kyoani's film
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>Saori Hayami
Ideal casting.
the movie looks so fucking good
>Tanaka in the studio

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Non Non Biyori Repeat episode 4 is the greatest anime episode of all time, transcending its genre by illustrating the beauty of life's simultaneous transience and permanence with a masterfully directed juxtaposition of life and death.
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Dragonball is better
Why do you care?
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Well, /a/?
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It's the quadratic formula, what about it?
Could you repeat the question?
Isn't that the answer?

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How does /a/ feel about golgo 13?
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I've only seen the Dezaki OVA, but I liked how bleak it was.

It did feel as though the writers were trying to find excuses for Golgo to not kill his target immediately however. That just felt lazy.
I liked the 2008 anime
It's a nice series that has cool retarded shit like that time golgo shot a violin sting

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How much value do you put into KyoAnus getting blown the fuck out?
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Kyoani is pretty good but I don't think it really deserves as much discussion as it does on here. Why don't we get Production IG vs Madhouse shitfest threads? I get that it's shit posting guys but let's at least widen our topics.
Irrelevant show
( ̄人 ̄) Hello. I am "Mr. Likes To Sage Threads". I do believe this thread is in need of Sage, so I would like to sage it. That is why my name is "Mr. Likes To Sage Threads".

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Name 1 SoL better than Yuru Yuri
Pro-tip:You can't
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Ichigo Mashimaro
work/safe request!!

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>It was just Kuro's fantasy.
I knew it.
RAW here:
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It's here! Preparing my issues.
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That was good and delicious, but it's too short.

>Euro Studies Film Class
>Studying "The Spirit of the Beehive"
>realize right away that Millennium Actress and Berserk's Lost Children storyline borrow heavily from it.
>Temptation to mention this vs. fear of revealing power level.
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>berserk? haha, what a fucking weeb!
I had a guy raise his hand and start talking about Death Note in my morality class, don't be that guy.

Thing is, this seems to directly relate to it in that the writers likely saw that film and take elements of it for their own works.

Like in Millennium Actress, Chiyoko finds an anit-government activist hiding in her backyard shed, and then takes care of him until he is captured by the secret police. Very similar storyline occurs in Spirit of the Beehive, where a Republican soldier hides out in an old farm, where Anna, the little girl protatonist takes care of him until he is captured and killed by government forces. Both stories also show the little girl forming a bond with this person.

Berserk borrows even more. I doubt it's a coincidence. But Millennium Actress has the status of arthouse film, while Berserk is kind of a trashy rape ultra violent horror comic. I think I'll mention Millennium Actress.

When I saw those scenes in the film, I was like "Woah, I've already seen this a few times".

Alternatively this kind of storyline is really cliche and people come up with it independently.

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Why do you hate him so much /a/?
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She could defeat him with ease
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No one hate him my man.
Vainillafags are a minority here

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You know, the original shownhad so much blood and violence, but this really seems much tamer by comparison. I suppose it's to be expected, the show's probably aimed more at kids this time. I'm still enjoying it, but i--

>Episode 4

Oh. Nevermind.
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Also this is best girl of the season, don't argue.
He didn't impale him with a broken bench.
The show also airs late at night, I'm not sure who the target audience really is.

Yeah but the eyeball squeezing and face bleeding was pretty fucking visceral

I'm expecting bench stabbings later. Or maybe not, this Naoto doesn't really have a heel in him.

This is your cumdump for tonight.
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Every day is safe day
May I have Koneko instead
Thank you OP.

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>Have a MILF
>Make her fat
Why is this allowed?
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She hates her son, so she eats to alleviate the pain of having a worthless child.
This is actually rather realistic.
>this is a bad thing
nice taste loser

Scathach is perfection.
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Who in God's name thought of that name?
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My dick says it's alright.
The Irish?

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An anime chapter cost 150k per episode.

that's two years of salary of a random STEM guy.

I'm sure there are some engineers here making 70-100k per year.

So, why /a/ doesn't crowdfund an anime chapter?
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Japanese do not deal with dirty gaijin, only honorable entities like Crunchyroll and Funimation, as they are proven to 100% bring money directly into The Industry
except money is money idiot.

also japs love to work with french studios.
I don't pay for anything except hookers

Any hopes for a Season 2?
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/a/ forgot No Loli No Life
Like /a/ forgot Re:Zero
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