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she went from "wheres my hug" to you taking responsibility, senpai"
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Nice black twitter memes dood
Like literally ALL women out there
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>ywn have a practice date with Iroha

>[HorribleSubs] Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki - 04 [720p].mkv

Time for fox titties.
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Does Japan even have a natural hamster population or are the just a remnant of Hamtaro and Ebichu?
This episode looked really good. Lots of fun, appealing drawings. The show's been kind of sub-par on that front, so this is a welcome change. It was almost entirely handled by Kawano Tatsurou, who did the storyboard, directed and animated it all with a few others doing 2nd key animation. It was produced entirely digitally as well which is cool.

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Shows that were beneath you.
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How come there's no good dojins of this show
Because nothing happens and there was nothing worth writing about.

About the only interesting thing is Kagami meeting a guy, getting all tsundere, before getting dicked and breaking the facade.
>Shows that no one should watch
ftfy thank me later

Because it's shit.

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This seems familiar
If only the filename had the source
Isn't this illegal?

There must be a better way to feel someones pulse.

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Why did they have to armageddon the world after the killing of the last angel? Why couldn't they just live in peace and make the world great again?

Is Azele just a bunch of massive retards?

Is everyone basically a psycho?

What is Rei exactly?
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>Because fuck you, viewer, I ain´t gonna explain shit. t. Anno
>see above
>It´s SEELE, you fucking moron. And yes, they are.
>It´s a post-apocalyptic world in which teenagers are fighting literal angels, of fucking course they all are severely fucked up.
>A clone of Ikari Yui, made by her neckbeard husband because of "muh feels", who would have thought? Also, something something Liliths soul something soul transfer something.
>Rei cosplay
>cosplayer smiles for the camera
why these cosluts cant get into the character most of the times?
Because they wanted to.
Because they didn't want to.
SEELE wanted to become God
A clone

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Is Rise even more bullied than Akari?

>No one realized she came with them to the beach
>They all thought she was a ghost
>Hangs out with a teacher because she has no friends
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I'll be her friend.
The only reason she "hangs out" with the teacher is because no one can hear her protest.

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What do you think of this? I was skeptical at first because
But the animation and visuals aren't that half-bad at all. In fact i was a little stunned by them. Why did the West completely abandon hand-drawn animation and not create works like these?
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>it's actually better animated than my country's attempt at animu


And it has that WMT atmosphere to it too.
Paki's OUT
Explain this meme.

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What is the point of this thread exactly?
Sorry blue Ram, I love Emilia.
Ram > Rem

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So now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that it wasn't that bad?
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Did they ever finish the last 3 episodes? I kinda forgot about the whole show.
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Yeah, they did.
yeah, it wasn't that bad.

Say something nice about this girl.
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Nice haircut.
That's a boy.
Correction, a tomboy. JUST HOW I LIKE 'EM

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just found it today [but not translated from the usual source]
This is the pilot episode for dungeon Meishi [note catgirl]
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[there may be a delay due to me posting this in both /a/ and /tg/
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Why are 14 year olds so damn attractive?
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We've been through this many times. Also Ohoho is 10.
14-year old general

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Side Characters you appreciate more than the Main Character as you get older
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Almost all the characters in Dragon Ball.
Vegeta and Piccolo are literally the only well-written characters in DB
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Taneda will get better in time for a TV series sequel!
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My wife Cocoa-chan is so cute
My wife Chino is so cute.

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how does this make you feel?
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I think I should go out foodshopping
of this bullshit
Asuka looks pretty in fanart but anytime it's an image of her from the anime it's not flattering. She looks ugly in the original show

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