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This brat is way too smug
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Which number is it?
326, the number of people Chitose has had sex with

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Will this arc ever finish?
We've been stuck in the cavalry battle since January
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oh I get it, her boobs are supposed to look like balls. heh.
I never thought I'd get Namek-boated by a fucking comedy manga.

But here we are.
I'd like to see this guy teach drawing and anatomy classes while inserting shots like this in all the time just to see the kinds of artists he'd create

What are some shows that thought you liked but you can't stand rewatching because they're actually terrible?

I don't even know how I went trough pic related in the first place.
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I agree for both FMA series. They're not bad but just really boring.
Korean zombie deskcar

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Rewatch thread.

What have you been rewatching lately?

I myself decided to go back and rewatch "classic" shows, meaning shows we all pretty much agree are great.

So far I've gotten through NGE + EoE and TTGL, and what fucking shows they are so. It's so nice to be confirmed in that they ARE great shows, and that it isn't just your nostalgia playing with you. I finished TTGL earlier today and what a fucking BANGER of a show it is. We all like to joke about how DEEP Eva is, but after having rewatched the show, I am very much convinced that it is one of the greatest anime ever.

On a more personal note; I've also rewatched one my all time favourite shows, which is Last Exile. It was one of the first shows I watched like 12 years ago, and I really like it. The show still holds up very well in my opinion, even if it is not everyone's cup of tea. It certainly wish that Gonzo could get back to this kind of quality anime.

I might pick up and rewatch Death Note next.

TL,DR; what have you been rewatching lately?
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space dandy and psycho pass, still gewd bro
Boku no Pico
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started rewatching this today actually

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Hero Academia volume 11 cover
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Now we know why buffy All Might isnĀ“t usually drawn with his motuh open, he looks scary as hell.
that actually looks terrifying

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How did Chihatan's team get away with using the literal IJA as their role model?
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>Two threads at the same time
Same way KMM gets away with being the Wehrmacht, presumably.
It's all played as a laugh.

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Asuka vs Rei
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frenda smile.jpg
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Frenda thread!
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It's a really nice hat. Berets are cool.
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It's not even Saturday yet.
i really liked that doujin where she gets addicted to mikoto's futa cock

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Why is she so perfect?
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Perfect girl stuck in a shit series.
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>big breasts
youll never hug Karen
She's mereky the flawed prototype of her perfect sister

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is zamas the evil god plotline that was said to be a draft for battle of gods before being rejected by mr. toriyama?
putting you in a jar for life
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Well, Zamasu, if you hate ningens so much, why did you become one? You're a failure of all that it is to be a Kai, and you are also a failure as a ningen, as we have witnessed in the most recent episode. You're not fit for existence, it turns out. One way or another, by the hand of a god or a ningen, you will be erased, pathetic creature.

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I'm going to sexually fuck Kobeni.
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btw im black
How do you non-sexually fuck someone?
>he doesn't know

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Something tells me Laius and co. won't be going to the surface so soon.
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Probably. Especially if the author wants to keep this series going. Wonder how things are going to go down? What mythical creature will they eat next?
They won't be going back until they find the golden kingdom or whatever was the dungeon's original purpose

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Why is Japan so good at taking good concepts and making them dogshit?
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Why is Japan so good at taking terrible concepts and making them amazing?
lol cry more EOP
Right, like Baen trash is any better.

When gutts comes back from fairy land into the real world Griffith will be OLD and he would of layed of a Prophecy that 2 people with the MARK OF THE BEAST will come to destroy the holy land
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Tattoos should be illegal for people under the age of 16
Why'd he make it so huge?
He's extra sacrifice-y

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Did you forget about me, Anon-kun~?
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How could I?
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what reason do you have to stay away
look how cute she is and she loves you

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