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Why didn't he just Split it in half?
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Why didn't Goku just grab King Kai and teleport back to Earth leaving Cell behind?

Why didn't the rest of the Z fighters jump in and finish off Cell after he was weakened from fighting Gohan?

Why didn't Cell teleport away from the Kamehameha?
Why did he try to fight the androids alone with only one arm when he could have waited until Trunks became a Super Saiyan and fought them together?

Why didn't he fuck Bulma?
Why didn't they wish Future Gohan back to life with the Dragon Balls instead of wishing the bombs off from Android 18?

What did she mean by this?
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Hmmmm, what could an obviously sexually fucked up girl like her probably mean by this? Maayyyybe that she is completely immature and covers her problems with a fake tough girl attitude?

Oooor, that she had the wincestual hots for her mommy all along, which would explain her being tsundere an all.
Likely dreaming about her mother hanging from the ceiling.
She's a lesbian and wants someone to call 'mama' in bed.

Does anybody know what the countdown that was on the Date A Live website for? I saw the article on ANN that reported it but there was no other article after the countdown ended.
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Kurumi spinoff LN

We are witnessing the birth of DAL Railgun.
Shit news.

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That would certainly make this garbage actually watchable.
The emperor of Japan declared that the role of MC in every non fantasy action shonen manga must be given to a nerdy overemotional uninteresting probably homosexual teen.
Mashiro pleases old men

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Hand over the S2 and nobody gets hurt.
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We don't deserve more Sabagebu.
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Let her go
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Did we ever get the rest of these?

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Was Esdeath the only reason to watch Akame ga Kill?
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Esdes a cute
I fapped to her so many times.

Why does every jap character in this have a permanent shit eating grin? Is this the author's idea of being a """badass"""?
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Kanno is less "badass" and more just "batshit fucking insane"
It's a thing in edgy/violent anime, not just this series.
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It's a murdergrin you fucking pleb.

Kyoto has some of the most uncomfortable to look character designs. They look so mushy and soft, like mash potato people.
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why are they called kyoto animation if they never set their productions in kyoto
lazy hacks
horiguchi isn't even at the studio anymore m8 get with the times
Tamako Market and Hibike are in Kyoto

New episode out
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Does this anime/manga exist to promote these books?
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>tfw I do the same
Man, I'm a bit disappointed. I expected this thread to be full of people getting ass hurt as fuck over Guns, Germs and Steel.

Is this entire series focused on Western Literature or did I miss some Japanese stuff?

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Wait i thought this is Fujo show? why suddenly Yuri happened?
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It's a comedy aimed at girls with jokes in it for fujos, not actually a fujo show in itself.

Also the girl is best boy.
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oh boy

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Super Ultra Hyper Miracle Romantic
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She's a slut though. Who's her name again?
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Lady J.webm
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take that slut to /h/

posting best girl
Good taste.

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Coverart for OST dropped. T-minus one month and counting.
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Also not what I was expecting for the Vol. 3 art
How many volumes can you make out of a 12 episodes season
One, two at best.

Why does Japan have no love for Arcueid? In the Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary Character Poll she came 5th barely making the top 5.
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It always amazes me how Tohsaka so high.
At least my girl Shiki came second, nobody is going to beat Saber

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>draw a girl
>call it a boy

Japan pls go
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Great innovative thread, anon. Maybe you should go as well.
That's not a boy though, that's a Hideyoshi.
I had that body and face type when I was 16. People are just different like that.

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Let's have a Sailor V manga thread.

How would you feel about a Sailor V anime?
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Mars and Jupiter are better.
After Crystal? I feel relief that it'll never happen. Toei would never let anyone competent make it.
Were it made in the style of the original series? Hell yeah.

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