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As someone who likes watching busty women get broken down, humiliated and otherwise degraded, is this anime worth watching? She seems pretty gross, which is my thing, but I heard it just spoonfeeds wikipedia level sociology/economy, and most LNs are totally up their own ass as it is.

How often does she get treated like a sow or look stupid? Is it any good?
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She is definitely not that chubby in the anime.
Never. Everybody loves the Demon King.

>She is definitely not that chubby in the anime.

That just makes me less inclined to try it.

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Extreme Cluedo Thread

Halloween is coming up pretty soon, how are you gonna celebrate?
Also, who the hell is the killer?
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The killer was Kinzo. He was pretending to be dead all that time and killed everyone because no one deserved his inheritance
Go back to /v/, then go directly to /jp/, and then stay there and don't annoy me with your shit thread.
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I want to deito Lucifer.

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The Star Wars Prequels of Dragon Ball?
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no that would be super
I'm not sure honestly. I've held off watching Super because of the animation
It's definitely Super, though I'm not sure what to make of GT.

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Why is there no cute girls trade cute punches anime?
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close enough
would pay to see this

Anime adaptation NEVAR EVAR
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Overrated as fuck.
good, it was boring as fuck
Read Narutaru is better

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How do you feel about artists drawing your waifu as a slut /a/?
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Good. Very good.
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She is a slut and a whore so the more they draw her, the better it is

Pick one.

>op/ed tv size sounds good
>full song is shit

What's their name /a/?
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That's most of them. It'd be quicker to name the ones that actually improve.

Noragami Aragato OP
Psycho Pass ED1
Well it doesn't really count since it was already a generic tier op song but the full release was atrocious


>literally only 1 minute longer than the op ver.

Be a good boy and worship your wife Nozomi's feet today.
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Yes ma'am.
>worshipping disgusting feet
>Not delicious legs, ass, and tits

This is why footfags are degenerates.
Speaking as an M, I'm ok with feet because they're the lowest, most degrading part of the body to worship. You're putting yourself completely below her physically as well as psychologically.

Getting stepped on is pretty fun, too.

Is /a/ looking forward to Kuzu no Honkai's anime adaptation?
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Yes, but I'm hoping there won't be any anime original content.

Its easy to fuck it up if they put in stuff of their own
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This moment will be fucking glorious.

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What was his problem?
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What do you think?
someone told him he wasnt /fa/
Looks like an emo 10 yr. old's deviantart OC


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Childhood is when you idolize Guts.
Adulthood is realizing that Griffith makes more sense.
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the most sensible person in the band was gaston tbqh
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TFW no witchgirl daughteru.

Also, I just finished this recently and I see it's on hiatus until early 2017. Why?
Because of people like you.

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Crying Togame.png
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I know that I'm slow as fuck, but I just finished Katanagatari.
I seriously don't know how to feel about this ending. I was expecting some kind of bittersweet ending where Japan would have been saved, but on the other hand Shichika would have died along with the Shogun and Hitei. Instead I got this. I'm not really angry about the ending, just confused by the direction it took.

Also, is Hitei good now? For all I'm concerned she's still a bitch who treated her minion like shit. She's got no sympathy from me.
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Yeah, I hated that blond bitch. The ending was what took it down a notch for me. I expected something to happen to Togame but it still pulled the heart strings and was quite sad. The justified rage that followed with Shichika very cathartic.Then the ending where he just becomes a normal guy on the road with blondie was disappointing.
the main plot twist was that Togame was a real bitch
Yeah, but not really.

She was only like 30% bitch, 70% genuine. Faggots like you don't get the point of a conflicted character.

She has two ambitions and they're mutually exclusive, just like Hitei-hime.

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To LOVE-Ru - 06 - Large 06.jpg
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Why is groping so prevalent in anime?
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they're used to getting groped on trains so its no big deal

because groping is hot, doofus
You find rape hot?

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That's all it takes for Touwa Erio to break into your house with the intent to pierce your eardrums.

Why don't you own a gun?
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>opening by shinsei kamattechan
Because I own my dick, which I keep handy at all times for just such an event.

9/10 waifu, would smell futon
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>that OP
I can still hear it.

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Why is she the worst character in this fucking show?
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Really? to me she was the most interesting.
All she did was moan, cry and mope around for half the show but each to their own i guess.
Except for when she was that really energetic happy character in the first 1/3rd, but even at her worst shes better than ami

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