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Find a flaw.
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No perfect rip of the movie online
That artstyle did not age well. Look at their faces kek
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I can't.

Just finished this. Was it really necessary for Ayase and Kanako to confess?

And were Kirino and Kuroneko actually best friends? They sure didn't seem like it to me.
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>Was it really necessary for Ayase and Kanako to confess?
If they don't all confess there's a portion of the fanbase you miss out on pandering to
Ayase yes, Kanako no and they were best friends.

Nobody really cared about those 2 though, by far the biggest fanbases were Kirino's and Ruri's.
>Just finished this. Was it really necessary for Ayase and Kanako to confess?
It was. They both had legitimate reasons for liking him.

>And were Kirino and Kuroneko actually best friends? They sure didn't seem like it to me.
They weren't; not really. Friends? Sure. But they were hardly besties.

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ITT: Characters that can beat you up in a fight
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>ITT: western males

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The end
Generic highschool harem setting but told from the viewpoint of one of the girls. MC wants harem-kun all to herself but obviously faces fierce competition. However, she is a peaceful girl so she does not want to go yandere on their asses. One day through a series of events she ends up saving one of the other harem girls, and after a touching speech, the girl ends up falling in love with MC instead. Thus she gets the idea to eliminate the competition by stealing them all for herself. Cast includes gays/traps, senseis, imoutos/oneesans and more.
Here's another spin at it.
Instead, how about the viewpoint is of one of the teachers.

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Ever think this one is going to get an anime adaption? I would totally watch it.
Toriko was popular enough, right?
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It will, eventually. Toriko was WSJ so it was obvious that a long running WSJ manga would get anime, especially a battlan one.

Meshi sells well, is popular so eventually they will make an anime out of it.
Not everything has to be turned into an anime. Especially not into budgeted TV shit.
I wouldn´t mind, but only if they put effort into it, good animation, good backgrounds and good music, maybe some ovas.

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>Deep intriguing dialogue

>Fascinating and complex characters

> Well-written plot with no pandering

Why /a/ hate yahari so much?

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overdramatic garbage anime for faggots
>Nonsensical blabbering
>Sound of silence, literally talking about nothing
>Panders to trapfags
>Art style and writing drop off a cliff in Season 2
Oh, forgot,
>"Love triangle"
>One of the two girls isn't even remotely romantically interested with the guy and neither is he with her

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rebuild Asuka is worst Asuka.
From what?

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What did he mean by this
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He couldn't grow up to be Goku.
Kochikame went for 40 years and oga wanted the same even though Beelzebub ended some years ago
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Did he mean here Great Teacher Onizuka?

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Say something nice about Azusa.

But not too nice or she will blush
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She ruined the group dynamic, and the entire show.
She had some good ero-doujinshi but shitted up the original manga.
I love you

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The One Piece is a flag to unite all pirate crews on the whole grandline, thus the Name "One Piece". Its all becoming one crew.

Making the Captain truly to the King of Pirates. literally.
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no one piece dosnt exist roger was just pranking the world he tought it was hella funny so he died with a smile shanks righley whitebeard and buggy are on the joke thats why buggy doesnt care about the one piece
no, you fucking retard, one piece is the name of the treasure, reyleigh fucking said that they were just some random idiots with their captain that was able to hear the past and shit
Oda already gave an idea as to what it is. He hated the idea of making it something intangibly stupid like the adventure.

Heaven knows everyone and their dog would completely hate 20+ years of reading just for hat garbage.

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This list is fucking shit and reads like a list of things that got dubbed in whatever Latin American country you're probably from. Results invalid.
QUALITY thread, OP.
For an idiot like yourself, sure. Nothing wrong with the poll.

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> New chapter is out.
> No thread.
I'm sad.
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Post some pages then nigga.
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How does this make you feel?
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Who has a head that big?
Ranamon was better.

You can only post here if your waifu is dead
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depends on the worldline
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a cute snel.jpg
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ITT: Post characters who did nothing wrong
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>World decaying into an overpopulated mess devoid of meaning and conflict where evolution is difficult and becoming a hero is nearly impossible
>A miracle occurs and Humanity is literally sent a glorious golden god-king to save them from this awful fate and save Mankind.
>Some traumatized kid with survival guilt kills him for moralfag guilt because he somehow WANTS that horrible dystopian future, despite everyone he knows telling him repeatedly its a horrible idea.

Fuck this gay earth and fuck Shiro Emiya.
for moralfag reasons*
he tried to make decisions with logic in a universe where logic gets thrown to the wind

rossiu did nothing wrong but he did nothing right either

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