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and yes wins >>149816616 silly megane
Don't question mark lol

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>mc accidentally sees girl naked
>she hits him
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The MC usually deserves it for being such a beta cuck.
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>mc gets introduced as shy, quiet, unpopular guy
>it quickly turns out at least 5 cute girls liked him but couldn't tell him
>>mc accidentally sees girl naked
>>she hits him
>she tries to but misses and they both fall down
>a cute naked girl is topping mc and can't get up because she's wet and slippery

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ITT : Comfy Anime
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Any SoL or sport shows are comfy to me.
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Yeah, this shit was totally comfy and not horrifying or anything.

Mushishi being comfy is one of the dumbest /a/ memes.
Too spooky

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>ending theme is better than the opening theme
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>op/ed themes are actually good
That's almost always the case. G-d, Kabaneri was shitty, but "ninelie" was perhaps the ED of the year.
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>The first OP is better than the second

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Almost there anons.
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Ah, I fucked up the subject.
Are you sure it's okay to release the contents of your subs before you officially publish them?
Not mine. This was from anons in previous thread.

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Does anyone here cares about this or people will only care when the anime starts airing?
I only read this for feeling rage, but in this last chapter the suffering route is giving me hope that i might actually enjoy this. Thoughts about it?
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>that last page
Directed by M.Night Shyamalan
I hope MC goes for master.
Me too. Since mc dropped his bullshit and realized that the revenge is pointless, maybe just maybe by a fickle of Destiny nopan-chan will have a chance

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Why isn't there an anime about a boy learning to crossdress?
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What is Wandering son? There's just too many shows with the I'm trans, pity me, for my taste.
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but she's a girl anon

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For some reason I relate to and sympathise with Kanae a lot more than Takaki or Akari. She is strong and wilful at the same time as genuinely insecure about herself. In many ways I have yet to see a better portrayal of a female glorified extra. I hate the fact that shinkai treated her like shit and did not even give her a proper closure that she completely deserved. She exists solely to highlight Takaki's own rapid breakdown, yet I hate Takaki for not noticing her blatantly obvious cry for some form of reciprocation. He did not even comfort her when she was crying, for chrissakes. I genuinely felt sick and hurt as she gave her last monologue about unrequited love while crying in fetal position.

Sorry for ranting, just wanted to get this off my chest

Tl;Dr kanae is best girl
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Now this is a best girl.
I hope she found a nice surfer bf while the other faggot suffered alone in his tiny Tokyo apartment.
Manga had her going off to Tokyo to find Takaki. She manages to find his number but is too afraid to talk. Last scene is her back on the island where Takaki comes back, they both turn around and look at each other in silence. THE END

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I loved the first... how sould i call it? Season? Volume? Though the ending was somewhat downplayed. And that moment, when MC just straight up told that demon girl he doesn't love her - it was unnecessary harsh.
You actually paid to read the entire thing?

People still use DVD/CDs these days?
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For animu music? Yes
Japs still use flip phones
Only for BL

Things that always appear in a anime.What's her name /a/? Shishi Odishi everytime.
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Oh, that's an anti tiger device. Haven't seen one of those in a while.
>anti tiger device
Some newfag probably even believed you.
Prove me wrong faggot.

Why is her forehead so huge?
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You coming to our sleepover, Anon?
Sign of worst girl
double teaming ritsu!

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Do you know the ABCs of loli?


Lolis are cute and need to be cuddled and hugged!
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I like to cuddle their wombs with my semen!
I want to cuddle three lolis at the same time, but i only have two hands.
how do i do it?
Just hold all three in your arms at the same time

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KyoAnifags will defend this
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Why are you being rational here?
I don't see the flaw with this pic, anon, except for subjective things like style there really isn't much to criticize here.
Is this Hibikek?

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Just got finished with this, was expecting total shite but was surprised at how much it pulled at my heartstrings.

Is the general consensus on /a/ a good one or did I just get played by a pleb-tier anime?

Also, post Taigas
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Wherever you go, the general consensus of Toradora is it's the greatest love story ever told.
Are you implying you'll change your opinion if /a/ tells you it was a ruse?

It was a ruse, it's pleb tier garbage you should never have watched and should feel stupid for watching. Anything you liked about it was a meme and everyone you love laughs behind your back and thinks you're a creep.

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