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>you wake up and see this

What would be your reaction?
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Turn 360 degrees and go back to sleep
Cuddle up to >>149829741 and fall asleep.

Why don't more current anime watchers take a look at older shows, especially with how good they can look on BD remasters?
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>b-b-but it's not airing, I can't blog about that on social media
>the art looks icky, digital is way better
>there is no Jewtube review made by my favourite Jewtuber person about this
>you can't make good memes from these
>leddit doesn't have a thread about this, so it must suck

A few reasons.
It frightens me that these may be real responses of some people.

Now have a picture of this beautiful digital anime they love
Every time I try to watch an older show for the sake of watching an older show I get a little bit of satisfaction from the clear evidence that like with all other media, people blinded by nostalgia are just that, blinded.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I love it
wtf i like it now
That's a big fish.

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Took me longer than usual to finish, had a lot of things going on.

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Cute slav a cute
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Dute sounds Ukranian not fucking Serbian.
Mai is set up as a complete side girl now, this fucking mangaka better not pull this shit.
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>No forced drama
>Ending makes you feel sad but doesn't tear-bait you
>Main girl was cute
why was it so perfect lads?
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>forced drama muh special curse, I can't hear the sound hurr
>director doesn't know how to handle a serious scene from a joke scene
pic related is a serious and touching scene
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>1 sec later this happens
should have dropped there because it was only the beggining of that awful direction

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How good are you at drawing anime & manga characters
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anonymous age 24.png
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it's gooooood.
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Someone dump it because I'm busy.
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Good chapter. Really hard to argue with Sinbad's logic
>Sense releasing a chapter within the week
Holy shit.
So, basically, Sinbad is manipulating people's minds, but wording it in such a way as to make it sound like he isn't.

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Is this the best isekai manga?
Re:zero can't even get close to this level of storytelling.
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Which series? Google and saucenao give me nothing.
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Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de
by Awa Satoru.

Pretty new manga, and I can already tell it's going to be 10/10.
fuck no
novel's already complete, no better than 7/10 anon, harem are shit mostly especially isekai ones

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I finally understand why /a/ loves lolis so much. They're basically cute pets like a cat or dog.
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I don't want to fuck pets.
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But we already have pets.
Pick Your Loli


Loli Slut
Pro: Loves fucking, will try any kinky shit you want
Neutral: Wants to fuck every time you are with her. Does not matter where you are or what you are doing.
Con: May not remain faithful, will try to get you to let other guys join in.

Loli housewife
Pro: Will cook, clean and other household tasks.
Neutral: Likes gentle, vanilla love making only.
Con: Loves shopping and doesn't work.

Pure Loli
Pro: Loves spending time with you
Neutral: Loves Headpats, cuddles and hand holding.
Con: Will not do anything lewd.

Sadist Loli
Pro: Into lolidom
Neu: Dislikes being treated like a child.
Con: Reacts poorly to criticism.

Tomboy loli
Pro: Lots of stamina
Neutral: Will expect you to keep up with her, spend time exercising.
Con: Is a sore loser and a sore winner

Office loli
Pro: Has a high paying job and good career prospects.
Neutral: Expects you to manage the household rather than have your own career.
Con: Is ALWAYS thinking about work.

Yandere loli
Pros: Will do absolutely anything for you.
Neutral: Prone to psychotic episodes
Cons: You cannot pay any attention at all to any other loli.

Ojousama loli
Pros: She's loaded
Neutral: you're expected to comport yourself with the dignity due her family's station
Con: completely self centered

Deadpan loli
Pro: Is always obedient
Neutral: Never shows emotion, always speaks in monotone.
Con: Will never show you affection.

Tsundere loli
Pro: Great makeup sex
Neutral: Will Openly berate you when she disagrees.
Con: Has random mood swings.

Shy loli
Pro: Loves you more than anything
Neutral: Will dislike spending time with other people
Con: Has trouble expressing herself.

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Literally me right now
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bump. I feel like this needs to be discussed
What is this character?

All I know of her is a 'suffering vs how much they deserved' chart where her suffering was at 0 but she's at max 'deserved'
Confirmed fatso

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>**2,294位/**2,075位 (***,708 pt) [*,**3予約] 2017/01/25 3月のライオン 1(完全生産限定版) [Blu-ray]
>Not even ranking on Japanese TV ratings

What went wrong?
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Into the trash it goes
Everyone's so fucking sad all the time. When you use anime as a sort of escape from reality, a show that's that bleak just isn't something you'd want to watch.

This is why Japan has shit taste.
But I always feel so good after any scene with Momo

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1. Mugi is best girl
2. Other keions good too
3. No referencing *that* doujin
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What's up Mugi?
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I fucking love Mugi
GAY on is pointless now that we have hibikie to discuss. Take your old and busted sluts out of here

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Say something bad about her.
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tits are not big enough
Her sister has bigger boobs
She most likely got smelly poopoo.

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Ding dong~
Hello is anyone home?
It's me Misaki, /a/non. Please open the door for me, I brought you a job application. Let's fill it out together!
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what's the matter? it's just an application /a/non.
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But I already have a job as software developer.

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