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This anime has been a positive surprise. It is among the best I have seen. However, even though Sora works hard and has a very big heart, she gets treated terribly by all the important people. At times this makes it frustrating and painful to watch.

What is this all about? This is beyond just tough love. Is pushing other people down the cliff and expecting them to get out themselves or die part of Japanese culture?
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She's only a kid, and she has to compete with adults, and it's not like Layla and Leon really wanted Sora to succeed in the beginning.
I remember the second half being shit.
What was wrong with it?

I wanna protect his smile.
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I wanna kill that dumb cuckold
I wanna fug him
he's cute
shut up

would ZAMAS been able to stop buu from killing all the kais
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His combat style of counters and parries is basically useless against Buu.
Buu was basically the weapon designed to fight Kais, so not a chance.

So after 13 volumes, which HO world power is the best?

I'd say:

Information Alliance > Faith Organization > Legitimacy Kingdom > Capitalist Corporations
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FO > LK > IA > CC
CC > FO > LK > IA
>Best for being a member of
IA > LK > FO > CC
FO > LK > IA > CC
If a random mook like Eric can end up getting closer to sexually repressed elites then so can I if I try hard enough. As a plebeian LK and CC aren't appealing and IA is the boring safe option.

The thing about FO is the fact they are the most varied. Norse faction seems pretty chill.

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Did they ever explain how she was able to buy porn games? I know she got the money from her modeling job, but do stores in japan not ID people buying eroge?
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Stores in Japan don't ID a lot.
t. Bought h-manga at age 14 on a trip to Japan during high school
She was obviously using her brothers name for that stuff is why he was known as perv.
what if she bought them from a reseller

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Is Hosang the most powerful and best harem MC yet?

>guy touches him
>turns guy into a faggot
>girl touches him
>she wants his dick
>he will give girls the dick and has done so many times already
>his blood will grant you immortality/superhuman characteristics

How can he be stopped?

don't say NTR
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Korean shit, sage.
Are Koreans the most powerful race in the world?
Posting in epic gookshit thread.

Was it ever explained why Sakura has a doll of herself?
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>he doesn't sleep with a doll of himself
It was a fad in the early 90s to have custom dolls made to look exactly like your kid.
Tomoyo made it for her. I'm sure it was mentioned in an episode.

Where can they go from this?
I mean will super saiyan god be the final transformation?
Will they take advantage of fusions to fight stronger opponents?
I have a feeling that with the introduction of all the other universes they might learn a new technique that could surpass their current form.
What are your theories?
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>super saiyan god be the final transformation?

oh my young naive child
Freeza and Hit brute forced their way into having god-level power. I don't see why others couldn't
They can go wherever they want. They can throw darts at a board or pull scenes from a hat.

Super isn't bound by the constraints of "logic" or "preexisting lore" or "proper narrative". They know people will eat it up no matter what.

Manga/Anime where the art convinced you watching it even though you not a fan of the genre
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The energy I spend on this manga....
good memories. Too bad the author is dead.
Let me guess ogres?
>Too bad the author is dead
Anon, I have some good news for you.

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Why is this unsexy child allowed to exist?
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Either God is a lolicon
or God doesn't exist.
Kuro not is a slut she only needs mana and she loves shirou

>loves shirou

and illya
and bazetta
and miyu
and gilgamesh
and kiritsu

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Some other people wonder "Why is AoG so cool" and "I wonder if I'll ever be as cool as AoG"
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
Sorry for not posting, health complications came up so I haven't had a chance to. Thanks to the people who have been posting for me


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oh boy I can't wait for another japanese disney movie.
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yes very soon. He is going to die in 2017

screencap this
Fuck off, normalfag. This news is days old.

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What are some tropes in anime and manga that you hate?

The tomboy never wins
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One day it'll happen.

I hope.
Such a shame

Tomboys are so devoted and romantic
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New chapter of Fumetsu no Anata e soon.
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This would have been a 9/10 if it wasn't so pretentious in the first chapter.
Sad is not synonym of pretentious
What's the disability this time?

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Guys I don't know what to do. I've reached the point where almost everything is too edgy for me. Even shows that are logically not even edgy at all are still too edgy for me. Like any sort of competition at all just makes me feel edged out. For example:

>dropped takyuu musume because the pink haired girl was too edgy
>dropped hibikek because the fluffy girl's best friend and the band leader guy were too edgy
>skipped the episode of LL sunshine where they lost the tournament because it was too edgy
>can't watch any sports anime at all because for me competition=edge

Mahou shoujo, CGDCT, and romcoms are about all I can handle. Is there a cure for this?
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>Is there a cure for this?
Some rope and a sturdy tree.
>Is there a cure for this?
/ai/ - idle activities
With Mike "500V for LGBT" Pence as VP you can probably get some some electroshock therapy for your faggotry.

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