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Would you give her a high five or a headpat?
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Both. I have 2 arms.
Don't headpat the poor, it's condescending.
A buttpat.

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After like 6 episodes:
>no idea what is going on
>not a single thread dedicated to this anime
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Maybe if you actually checked the catalog on Monday you'd find a thread about this.
Lurk more faggot.
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drunken kouhai.webm
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What do you think of twins? Best girls? Annoying?
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I'd say sexiest girls
DaL thread?

Does a good anime make an OP memorable or does a good OP make an anime memorable?
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the 2nd
does a shit OP ruin a good anime?
A good anime? No, a decent/mediocre one? Yes.
Are you saying that Lain wouldn't be memorable without the OP?

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Umaru? Who is that?
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I'm looking right at one
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Season 2 when?

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>tfw your waifu will never be real
>tfw she will never shit in your mouth while saying "oh yes, eat my shit my love...oh I love you Anon! " and jerking your dick
>she will never love you
>you will never have anything

remind me why live
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Yeah, it's tough... Wait, what's the second thing you said?
fuck wut?
>your waifu will never be a mother to you

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I love this anime's last scene that is good fun service.

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Doesn't need a sequel.
Worst girl won.

Worst girl got crushed by a rock

>you will never do this to you're waifu

why go on?
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>you're waifu
>being this new
VR is comming so getting married with your waifu in beautiful virtual church full of other anons and their waifus might happen sooner than you expect.

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Time for the usual stuff.
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imouto1 1.jpg
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Dumping some imouto for a bit.
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imouto1 2.jpg
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File: imouto1 3.jpg (345KB, 813x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
imouto1 3.jpg
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Season 3 when?
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It's not happening, guy. Time to move on.
Why didn't she kill this guy sooner? He was endangering her friends because he just wanted to die, and she ended up granting his wish, so what was the point of going with him?
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Never, sadly.

I really miss this show.

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>X is a deconstruction of Y
What the fuck does this even mean and why is it an argument against/for a show?
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It's like calling something "self-aware", even if it's aware of the cliche's and faults it's doing, it doesn't matter because it's still doing them making it a moot point.
the meme use of the term is whenever something does anything even remotely original in a generally stale genre
It's supposed to mean an analysis of various tropes and applying them to a more grounded, realistic setting. However, people tend to abuse the term quite a bit.

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wasn't it supposed to be gogeta and not vegito?
or do the earrings just suck compared to the fusion dance?
Earrings are better, at least they were when the transformation was thought to be permanent. Earrings last 1 hour if the two fusing are mortals, while the dance lasts 1 half hour regardless.

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23 (1).jpg
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Find a flaw.
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literally none. i dont want to know how many times i've fapped to that pic of her getting fucked by Palmon's vines
Turns into a slut.
word. cowgirl mimi is perfection. pink hair mimi is awful

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Is it guaranteed to become a lost film?
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From what I've read online, the creator is just waiting for technology to get better so it can be viewed as it was intended, or something of that sort. Which is something like watching it in 4K, which is possible now, so maybe it'll come out some day soon. Unless I'm remembering wrong.

Point is that it'll come out some day. It won't be lost. Hopefully.
They screen it whenever they get enough requests, so no, it isn't lost in any sense. It's just extremely inconvenient to see.

Not like the 4K matters, I've heard the animation on it wasn't that great, so it's no second coming of Five Star Stories.

>you'll never watch Kill la Kill for the first time again
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The first episode was great stuff, made me really excited for the rest of the series
Unfortunately the shitposting brigade wouldn't stop shitting up the threads with fake hype
I honestly prefer it that way. The first time i felt like I had no idea where it was going so it lessened the experience. On the rewatch I didn't have that problem and I enjoyed it 10x more
>you will never botch a masterpiece and make it a 5/10 because you have to meet some arbitrary deadline

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