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Do you watch anime on your smartphone?
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In bed sometimes yeah. Not out in public though. Not even with my back against the corner. No one can know
I watch tv on there and threw my hd tv out. Saves me on cable and all that.
I can access my PC files through my phone when I'm at my home wifi, so yeah.

If I feel like lazing around on my bed instead of my couch, I'll play some anime on my phone.

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Why did he job so hard?
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He got two good fights so it's all ok.
He jobbed because the whole point of Naruto was that hard work by itself doesn't mean anything. It doesn't matter how hard you work, if you don't have a special bloodline, or a Sharingan, or a tailed beast trapped inside of you or the reincarnated soul of a space alien, your hard work won't make a difference once the chips are down.

honestly, this is true of pretty much all shonen.

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He's a chill dude.
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I think having some sake while watching the moon with Assassin would be pretty great.
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None, alcohol stinks.
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i'd drink some sake with him

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Lets have a thread about girls who are worth protecting, ones that you would risk your life for without hesitation.
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Not that she would need my protection...
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no hints.png
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Flip flappers?
Is this show actually good or is it just meme of the season?

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Are Christmas Cakes destined to be lonely forever?
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That is why it's your moral obligation to free a cake from cakedom.
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It's your duty to save a cake from their horrible position and give her happiness
No, but you have to make an effort to save them.

Part of being a cake is crippling despair.

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How do we fix moeshit?
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dumb yurishitter poster
Have KyoAni teach the rest of the industry how to make moe properly

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Is this good
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i liked it but i wouldnt watch it while high.
Decide for your damn self
why's that?

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Is Yoko pure?
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Yeah but not by choice, everyone that gets too close to her fucking dies.
>can kill people by kissing them
No, she's the devil.
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I want to make a deal with the devil

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What's your waifu doing right now?

Take pic related for example, she's dead right now
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Hanging out in my attic
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Also dead ;_;
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Where were you when Citrus and NTR anime were announced to save anime from those fucking fugly fatass fuckjoshits?
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You moron, fujos adore drama and those are prime drama series.
females enjoy those series more than males
I haven't read the respective manga, but after reading some posts about them here I got interested.

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Left or right?
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Right on left.
Where is Hisako?

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>I'm waiting so long
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You'll be waiting even longer.
And then it'll be back to the boat.
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Look on the bright side OP, at least the plot has progressed.
I'm not even mad anymore

It broke me

This is the best op, no debate

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You're wrong. White Lies is the best monogatari OP:
ZENBU was better.
No this


Crane Game Thread.
Featuring Alternate OP. Is it Dark Cherry?
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Threads are deader than Dark Cherry.

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