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Favorite fast beat, catchy anime OPs?!?!?

What are some Anime OPs that are fast paced that I can use as work out music?

OPs I downloaded so far:

Nanana's buried treasure
Log Horizon
Magi (2nd opening)
New Game
Gintama OP 5
Humanity is declining
Jojo Bizarre adv. OP 1,3,4
Monster Masume

Any more you can think of?
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This one

There's an /a/ collection of soundtracks somewhere, wish I saved it but go find it.
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not op but anything from initial d


it'll pump you up and make you wanna drift with everything

car? drift
bike? drift
treadmill? fucking drift
walking on the sidewalk? no, you're fucking speeding on every turn of a corner in attempt to drift

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I can't understand this anime
It talks about disgusting girly stuff to appeal bleeding cunts but the designs are clearly designed for the cock

This is troubling me deeply
Should I just drop it?
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it's realistic
It's all that 3D women talk about
3D is now in 2D
But is sonic meat was realistic she could had less mobility than Stephen hawking
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It's funny, keep watching.

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The center of the universe.jpg
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Underrated girls of this season.
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Eri on cassual dress.jpg
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Are there even weekly threads for digimon universe? Regardless Eri a best.

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Yuyu-delivery a little late, but it's here!
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I guess no /yys/ this week
I'm having a deja vu.

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What's the oldest anime you've ever watched?
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tora-chan 1947

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So this manga has recently been getting re-released in new omnibus editions, does anyone here remember it?

It used to be the number 1 selling shojo manga in America, how come no one on /a/ barely mentions it?

Also general Fruits Basket thread I guess.
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I remember how shitty and nonsensical the reverse trap thing was. I bet the character was originally a man.
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Fuck you, Akito was best girl!

Don't be talkin shit about my waifu.
I remember this from when I was a teen. Found it very "healing".
Liked a lot the girl MC, very calming and different from other shoujos.

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The End of Evangelion.png
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You wasted your time, that's what happened.
You just watched Anno masturbating in public.
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I mean I have no idea what I watched, but I liked it.

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make yuri great again.jpg
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Why is there no Izetta thread?
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Because we have nothing more to discuss about episode 7.
Is there going to be a NotStalin character from NotUSSR later on?

O-okay. I just really wanted to say that I enjoyed the last episode.

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Re Zero_Volume_3_Cover.jpg
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People complain about anime starting to be flooded by isekai transportation/reincarnation videogame world stories. And before that, magic academy battleharems, and before that urban fantasy. But all of these are light novel adaptations, and only reflect trends in light novel genres.

Most anons know that a lot of anime only exist as an advertisement for source light novels as part of a media mix strategy. A lot of the most garbage anime out there today are the ones adapted from light novels.

Go to any anime ranking list on MAL or AniDB or anywhere else. You'll find that the top rated anime are all original works, manga adaptations, or visual novel adaptations. It is only very rarely that a light novel adaptation appears.

Is it light novels that are causing anime to be so shit?
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Theres plenty of good ln adaptations and shitload of bad manga/original animes.
Treating anime as a cash cow is holding anime back.
>cash cow
It's an advertisement, it doesn't have to make its own money. The franchise they it's part of (CDs, figmas, source material etc) is the cash cow.

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Based Kimura still drawing best girl 10 years later.

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Also, were the OZ characters always shown in this pic or was it supposed to be the big reveal?
Oz is a decent manga and they are validating it. That's all.

R3 is most likely going to be a new entry with new MC and conflict.


This girl corners you in the clubroom after school and tells you she's curious about something. Do you:

[ ] Indulge her curiosity
[ ] Tell her you have somewhere else to be
[ ] Bend her over the table and fuck her until she can't walk straight
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[x] Indulge her curiosity
File: hyouka-chitanda-its.magic.gif (699KB, 279x337px)Image search: [Google]
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I'll indulge in her curiosity.
I don't see a difference between options 1 and 3.

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I'm on E5 and I can't tell if I really like this or not.
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Have you taken the time to listen to the voice of your heart?
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Flying Witch is the COAT
(Comfiest of All Time)

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>lines that only sound cool in anime for 20 points
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>yare yare daze
my cock is literally bursting out of my skirt

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if your waifu does this, what does it mean /a/?
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It means stop making shit threads on /a/ like this one.
It means she wants to give you a footjob.
It means the other Madoka thread must have finally fallen off the board

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Anyone know if this has any chapters past 9? The scanlators for this seemed to have disappeared.
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Oh they dropped it
Hmmm. Gimme a minute.
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Gonna try to see how TL'ing this would work. Any TS can jump in.

10: Tamako, training everyday.

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