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Post anime music that is stuck in your head and driving you nuts.

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I hear it even when I sleep

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How good is Uesaka Sumire at voice acting?
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There's something on her face.
What could that thing be?
Cute bIyat

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>has important character die/disappear at the end as the climax to the protagonists growth
Wow this is totally exclusive to this one guy and totally not a pretty normal conclusion!
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>trigger babby mental gymnastics

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shinobi desu
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These 30 second shows really are under appreciated
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It's like this anime is serious but isn't

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Spice has flown.jpg
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Is there any other translated LN as good as this?
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That first one, it's not a jacket.

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>No anniversary edition
Keep up lad
Rezero seems okay so far

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Nepgear is not a murderer.
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Look at this nep
that I just found
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She's only a murderer in one Bad End, but there's no escaping the fact that she's always a bitch.
Someone explain to me why Perfect Heart's got the best ass in the whole series.

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Is this a good situation to be in?
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If you being girl?
Why is her skirt so short? I can see her butt.
That's the point

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And how it gets our dick hard.
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>our dick hard.
a thread about erect dicks sounds kinda gay
First time I watched it was 2 mths. ago
Never been into that anime stuff but since I finished the original ('97) series I kinda started watching more of that shit like some sort of weeaboo

Posting my wife before I go to sleep. I'll check on this thread when I wake up.
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200 dicks.png
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you like strong female leads, eh?
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A waifu, alone and unprotected while her husband sleeps? This is too good to be true!

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i mean seriously look at this. ive tried every source and every media player on all ratios and different screens and its the same. why the fuck would they air something that looks like it was animated frame by frame in MS paint?
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Stop complaining faggot, you wouldn't notice something as small as that unless you're autistic
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im unironically watching this show for the story. no shit im autistic. blu rays better fix this

i mean just look at this fucking shit

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New episode today!!!
Is Yuri gonna job the freestyle?
>New thread while current thread is on page 6
Please get the fuck out or at least lurk without posting so these threads can be less cancerous than they already are.
They are obviously baiting.
Sage if you reply, report and ignore this thread.

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It takes me around 40 mins to an hour to finish an anime episode. This is because I replay scenes I like or pause to screencap.

I can't be the only one, right?
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>watching anime
It takes me 12 minutes to watch a single episode. Just watch at 2x speed and open two anime at once and you're fine.
If I'm not completely absorbed in a show I'll probably pause in the middle of one to shitpost here, which ends up burning time.

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Why did this not get a 3rd season?
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Because it needs to get a 2nd season first.
How will it have a 3rd season if it doesn't have a 2nd season?

Also, nice fanart. I don't know who that girl is but she looks like a nice girl.
I'm not sure I understand your question.

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You appreciate Hinata, I know.

But what about Bitchnata, Slutnata, Mirror Hinata, however you call her? Why do you refuse to give her credit? She is no less Hinata than ours. Apologize now!
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Oh come on, none of you
She was amazing. I'll miss her.

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muh kokor.jpg
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I probably should not have read that chapter.
My cardiologist warned me about it.

(Side-note: Private high-school tuition is 32 grand USD for 3 years.
https://educationinjapan.wordpress.com/parenting-potpourri/the-cost-of-educating-a-child-in-japan/ )
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>wanting to dick your teacher so hard that you have hallucinations
I think she might have her hooks in him.

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