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And also
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Let's talk about why OP is a faggot

>likes cock

And also
>kill yourself
Unironically enjoyed them all.
I liked those shows but OP is still a massive faggot

First post best post

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i see this pose in so many anime, is there any significance in the Japanese culture relating to looking at your hand before and/or after a big event?
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the obvious example
It shows how fucked up they are.
but in >pic related
he is about to go on a mission that will endanger his life, and in the 1997 berserk anime guts does that after killing someone in the first episode if i'm not wrong...

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Togo is for _____.
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killing sprees
Why the fuck do I keep the broken image around.

Why is this so much better than Free! ?
What did Mappa get right about faggots doing sport that Kyoani completely fucked up?
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Sports anime are always better when the focus is on contenders at the top of the field, rather than the generic underdog team that bullshit their way through with the power of friendship.
Yuuri is an underdog, retard.
He's Japan's top ice-skater, you tard.

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Would she not support a harem end?
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I think she just wants Momo to be more selfish.

Currently Momo has the mindset that "I can only be with Rito if I start the Harem", which is beta thinking.
I bet Gid had a harem lined up too. I wonder what happened to them
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Waiting is hard

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> second anniversary of the start of Japan Animator Expo has been silently missed
> even THAT short is probably going to not have a commemorative thread

So it's already been forgotten, /a/. Not in ten years, just two.
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Only about a third of the shorts were good.
People will discuss them again when the Dragon Dentist OVA comes out early next year.
Does it count if we're talking about Yuri on Ice?

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The AnimeAnime.jp poll has closed and the results have been announced.

The sample size was 14k. 20% Men. 80% Women.

3. Mononoke
4. Code Geass
6. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
7. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
8. Dennou Coil
9. Macross

Source: http://animeanime.jp/article/2016/11/15/31350.html
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Psycho pass S3 any minute now.
what a retarded list son
>80% women
70% traps

>everyone said Shaft was going to fuck up with 3-gatsu
>they're actually doing a good job
>now no one mentions the show again
Why is this allowed?
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Because 3 gatsu is boring and gay
YOU are boring and gay
It's not that great of an anime. Yeah, visually it's pretty interesting. But not even shaft could save this series.

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Haven't seen a 3x3 thread in a while.

Rate em/hate em/recommend em
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good choices anon
I love all of those except jojo. It's objectively way too immature for me.

What makes you love it?
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Reddit: the thread.

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>Wasted Redjuice design
>Wasted animation
>Wasted Takeuchi mecha designs
>Wasted Supercell music
>Wasted Sawano score
>Wasted Yuichi Nakamura, Kana Hanazawa, Yuki Kaji and Ai Kayano voices

What's the most wasteful anime and why is it Guilty Crown?
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Everybody knows that Eden of the East is the greatest waste of potential of all time.
>Sold great
>Impulsed the creation of WIT Studio
>Egoist became a thing beyond the anime

Your hipster contrarianism is pretty much irrelevant
>hipster contrarianism

Are you saying that OP is a contrarian for not liking Guilty Crown?

So you've been on /a/ for about 5 seconds then.

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What does this mean?
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It means she's lying so she can get preggers with your baby.
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It means S3 never and her VA is dead.

Is there anyone more pathetic than this faggot?
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Kirito's rejected women's club is pretty pathetic, not only are they in love with THAT, but on top of it they get friendzoned by THAT

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Who's your favorite pilot, and why is he Naoshi Kanno?
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I dont understand

Why /a/ isnt talking about this series.

Especially what are elves for considering the content.
what are you talking about?
the best pilot is george joestar.
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It's airing this season

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Would you like to be her oniichan?
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I want to be best girl's boyfriend
I'd like to be her baloney pony.
Have fun being ntr'd.

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What are your expectations for the GranBlue anime?
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Lots of delicious harem doujins.
derivative and as safe as possible
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Generic, forgettable action fantasy, missing characters that Cygames knows we want.

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