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A friend of mine convinced me to watch all the Fate animated series and now he is telling me to watch Tsukihime.
What's /a/ opinion about this show? Should i watch it?
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Tsukihime never got an anime adaption. You have to read the VN.
What show? There's no tsukihime anime etc


It's a meme that they never made a Tsukihime anime. Because it's really bad.

Like it's a meme that they never made a second season of Darker than Black. Which they never did.

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Did they blow all their money on Love Live Sunshine last season and not buying much this Fall season?

It feels like Euphonium S2 is the only male otaku show selling this season
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Why do male otaku purchase a show for teenage girls?

what I was thinking
It's always love live, anon-kun

But yeah, that anime is almost universally love but the ones that hate it are [email protected] & aikatsu so you cannot make them stop buying it

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I'm curious, how tall can a loli be before she's considered just a short girl?
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anything over 5'2"/5'3"
No such thing, she'd be just considered a tall loli

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>make character wear stupid outfits
>expect me to take the story seriously
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Yoko and Faye come to mind
Wow, talk about shallow.
She must have the smallest nipples.

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These two have such great scenes together if you know what I mean.
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stop posting these threads everybody here might turn even gayer
I've always wanted to watch Ouran, is it consistently good ?

> SAO Spoilers

Holy shit SAO might be one of the most overrated animes ever. I tought because of its popularity it might have some charm to it but wtf, the fights were typical 'guy with superpowers beating everyone else with pure will" fights and the ending was so incredibly predictable even tough I really hoped for Asuna to get raped hard, but just when that guy (forgot his name I guess) was starting the interesting part and pulled her panties down... bam... Fucking Kirito gets super powers (admin privileges) and beats the shit out of him just a few minutes before she was going to get licked like ice cream.... Sigh...

Ignoring the failed rape attempts which killed my boner midfap, it was cringy af too, all of the 25 episodes and didn't make sense at all. At the beginning it is clearly mentioned that you can't feel any pain in that fucking mmo yet they still scream like little babies after every hit they take.

And desu here. If that SAO shit was real it would be a rape world. Imagine playing an virtual online MMO without anyone to know your real identity with lots of forests and dark areas in the city and women with oversized breasts everywhere. Wtf, what holds you back from pushing one down when no one's around and make her suck your d like never before, its fucking legal rape.


Besides the anime not making any sense and being cringy af and ruining all the amazing failed rape attempts. The story was pretty bland and the only thing that kept me watching was my will to learn japanese.

Well. Honestly, is there anyone who really enjoyed the series for its story, world and charakters or was it all just for the faps? I mean, next to the reasons I mentioned above, those semi-pantishots were the only thing that wanted me to continue the series.

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Are you drunk or high or something?
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in my opinion Suguha has great tits
>immediately assume OP is retarded
>post porn
sasuga /a/, i couldn't have done it better.

That is one skinny van.
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Why would 2d need a big van?
for when those big-titted women are sitting inside facing frontwards. the way it is now a hooter will be hanging out each side.
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Its a nissan quest, that is what they look like.

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Left: Anime heroines of 2007. Sweet, loyal, supportive, mature women.
Right: Anime heroes of 2016. Fake, smug, bitchy, selfish, terrible.

How did we fall so far these past 10 years?
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>Fake, smug, bitchy, selfish, terrible.
So the right on is /a/?
It's an improvement actually.
This is a rise.
Left is submissive and boring, right is opinionated and interesting.
How is this a fall again?

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Were you satisfied by the ending of Sekirei?
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who won
No, but I am satisfied by the fact that Sekirei ended. :^)
main girl

So, I just finished watching Panty and Stocking, and it didn't live up to the hype. It's just a series about two awful bitches who call themselves angels and suck at their jobs. And the animation style makes it look like something that was made in 1995, not 2010.

I guess the transformations scenes were pretty cool, but that's the only positive I saw.
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So I just finished watching Evangelion and it didn't live up to the hype. Its just a serious about two emo teenagers who pilot Evas and suck at their jobs. And the animation style makes it look like something made in 1995, not 2010.

I guess the Robot Fights were cool, but that's the only positive I saw.
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So I finished watching soul eater and it didn't live up to the hype. Its just a series about three witch hunters who use people as weapons and suck at their jobs. And the animation style sucks. Why can't everyone make their Anime look normal, like sword art online.

I guess the laughing moon was cool, but that's the only positive I saw

Please describe this child
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Rather lewd cumslut
Double dead
at the age where people are their most horniest

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Mayaka is _____.
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A fat, ugly and angry SEXLESS BEING

I love Saber, but there are so many of her. How do I decide which I love the most /a/?
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The best one of course
Lilly because she's a pure maiden.

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I love you, /a/.

I really do.
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If you love me so much why don't you marry me?
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I wont let this go without a response, I love you too anon
No, you love me, not other /a/nons.

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2017 is the 50th anniversary of Lupin III. What do you think they're gonna do for it?

Lupin III general.
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Lupin goes to jail but on some weird lesser crime charge and serves out his sentence
There's probably not enough time for a movie. Maybe a new series and some bundle deals for past seasons/movies.

I wouldn't expect much, which saddens me.
Did the new one even come out? I haven't been paying attention.

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