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just watched this. it made me cum. no matter how much effort or cash they put into the live action movie, no matter how hard they try its not going to have the same vibe or coolness as this. sad but true. at the very least they could have found an unknown actor instead of fucking scarjo and mokoto might come off as more believable.
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Live action adaptations of cartoons/videogames are always bad, no exceptions.
Scarjo will probably do the character well. The problem is they've changed that character to a superhero, made this the origin story and somehow expect to combine the plot from SAC 2nd Gig and the 2 oshii movies into one feature-length film.

ARISE was a great send-off I wish they'd just put it in the fuckin ground

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Friendly reminder that Show By Rock S2 is the best anime this season and that if you aren't watching it you have shit taste
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I can't find any other related thread so I'll ask here.

What's the name of that anime airing this season that looks like a Hellsing clone? Apparently it's about warriors who die and go to some eternal battleground or something.

Also is Keijo fappable?
From now on use Google
Rosia is best cat

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Easily the funniest manga I've read in a long time. It's about a diving club, even though in the 12 chapters I've read they've gone diving maybe 2-3 times. But regardless, it's got fanservice, it's funny as fuck and the MC is awesome. Give it a shot. Honestly, you'll be hooked after the first chapter

Just a random page so as not to spoil anything, but give an example of the humor
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You guys are missing out...
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i'm picking it up op.

thank you
But I am
And I agree

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>series has bunny in the title
>girl wears a bunny suit in the first chapter
>never wears it again
>series is about psychological disorders

Why the fuck would you do that when you could make a series about bunny suits?
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>series' title is a sentence
why do the elevens do this?
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Do you miss translator notes?
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I have PTSD from the Banner of the Stars translator notes.
No, I don't miss autistic ass-clowns explaining jokes that aren't hard to understand.

Yes, I do miss autistic ass-clowns telling meta-style jokes and the sarcastic quips about things.

Overall, no I don't fucking miss them, because the vast majority of the time they were just annoying and taking up the screen.

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I think we can all agree that these are the 10 best TV anime of the '10, so far.
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you have been visited by the spam
if you reply to this thread, you will have replied to this thread
6/10 desu. Penguindrum, Nichijoi, Hyouka, and bottom left suck.
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No we can't MAL

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I fucking hate Keijo, and I'll tell you why.

It's not that it's a shameless fanservice show. I actually like that. It's just tremendously unsexy.

Half the ass shots that are supposed to be "sexy" just end up looking like mcnuggies. It just isn't attractive. Also, when they're butts glow and have powers? That's just fucking weird.

What I would have preferred is if it were more normal wrestling. The point of Keijo would still be to knock the girl into the pool, but it wouldn't be done with butt attacks a ten year old would think is funny.

That's the other thing. Keijo isn't self-aware enough to be funny, yet at the same time it's hard to take seriously as a sports show. It's just bad.

Also, Kazane Aoba is best girl.
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It's supposed to be over the top more than sexy. Hence the muscle girls, middle age fatties etc
Right pic made me laugh more than it should.

Also your opinion is shit.
>not putting your dick in a butt with magic powers

It's okay now, man. Gays can get married and everything.

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zamasu a shit
The only good thing that happened in the episode was Goku pulling out a KAIOken on Zamasu. You can tell that really pissed Zamasu off.

Tohsaka Rin is a MIRACLE of the universe!
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Old Men.

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Yeah, in future she even turns into most devoted wife material on earth as you can even find happiness with different woman and she will still support you, protect your happy life from shadows and prepared to kill anyone who makes you unhappy.
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Left or right, /a/?
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Left because right is already married to Mio.
>autism vs best girl

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Still waiting for there to be any good reason why pirates even still exist when the Marines have the Pika Pika no Mi on their side...

>inb4 someone who doesn't understand how light works says "haki"
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Did he appeared in the last chapters?
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More like 'How is Enel not Pirate King already' with the Goro Goro no Mi?

>inb4 someone who doesn't understand how lightning works claims Luffy beating him made sense
Inb4 idiots think akainu is strong. Fujitora is strongerrrr

Happy birthday to the world's very best boy.
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Happy birthday Mako-chan!

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Do you even have fun, /a/?
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i don't know
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You should try having fun, it's fun

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New Chapter!

We see Wakasa-sensei's split personality again. BOTH times her left pupil is shown to contract but her right eye isn't shown. Is this standard anime/manga glasses glare? Or is it hide the fact that her right eye is fake?
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two Rum candidates in a row? Sure Gosho seems to be rushing this
He wants to be able to reveal it in tim for chapter 1000.

I just want to see more of the new Heiji girl.
>inb4 another goddamn spy

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Would you be pure if you became a girl?
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>1. masturbate
>2. wear cute clothes
>3. masturbates with cute clothes
>4. find some loli to rape and have lesbian sex with
>5. become cockslut
I'd be very selective about the dicks I take. And I'd only do anal because I'm a Catholic girl in this ideal universe. No Jamals, Pablos, or Muhammad Allahu-Akbars allowed.
>pure women
>on the west

Nice meme.

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