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I dunno, but let's rock.
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I'm not sure which it is, but this one
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That's hell.

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>They see your dick

OVA 4 soon.
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Bad day for a Tenchi thread I guess.
Great pics. Appreciated

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>inb4 Yugayho
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The first 3 seasons were pretty comfy desu.

>No generic "Save the world" plot
>Likeable characters
>Cute shotas
>Interesting card game
The ones that don't have their thread die in a hour
>>No generic "Save the world" plot
That's literally S2 and S3. What the hell are you about?

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Don't really want to see both atm.

Going to the real animoo guys

fma or fmab?
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Fmab. The first one was somewhat lit but this is the real shit. Episode one is pretty boring tho.
>real animoo
Read the manga if you want the "real" story.

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I'm new to the series and have only finished the first part so far, but the further into the second part I get, the less interested I am.

Will I miss much in terms of actual world building and plot if I skip to stardust crusaders?
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You won't be missing much of anything if you skip part 2 just do it
>bored of part 2
>expecting to be not bored during part 3
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> skipping parts

ITT: Official anime that handle queer relationships maturely (not yaoi or yuri which are inherently fetishistic)

Aoi Hana
Sailor Moon
Yuri Kuma Arashi
Cardcaptor Sakura
Yuri on Ice
Saraiya Goyou
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Boku no Pico
Legend of the Blue Wolves
Fuck-off-to-Tumblr no Monogatari
+1 boku no pico
>Yuri on Ice
From what I've watched it seems like a really shitty shoujo romance

>MC loves ikeman
>But MC is a piece of shit
>Oh wait, ikeman actually loves MC
>Cue every episode with ikeman sexually harassing MC

How on earth would anyone consider that a mature, non-fetishistic romance

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Why does /a/ hate self inserting?
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it's sort of lazy and bad writing
I believe they reason why /a/ and Japan hate self inserting is because they lack emotional intelligence to self insert as complex or troubled characters.

Characters that are easy to self insert, like perverts or "smart" or powerful characters are generally more popular, just look at all those novels about x guy travels to x world, like KonoSuba as an example.

Similar to why they hate NTR, You'd think that someone smart would self insert as the one stealing the girl but most people actually self insert as the dormant beta buy, beside the guys that actually have a fetish for getting NTR'd.
Because only the most pathetic fags self insert.

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Seriously, who likes this shit?
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Self-important anime youtubera

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Is it actually good, or just edge bait?
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>mfw the anime gave me a ryona and gore fetish

fuck you japan
The movie gave me a ferish for jacking odd onto plastic plants, if it's any consolation.
It's a masterpiece desu. As is the live action movie.

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Let's be honest, modern anime is no worse than old anime.
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Please stop posting the J to X designs

It gives people a poor perception of the show. Thank you.
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>off by one
It's definitely worse

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>new Umaru manga coming out 11/18
>obi strip not pictured because it will contain an important announcement
S2 confirmed
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How the fuck did this piece of shit get a S2?
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but seriously season 2 when
Umaru shitposting soon

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Why is Forte so perfect?
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Why is Karasuma so perfect?
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Because Forte figured herself out. She's got life down.
Wonder how she feels about her name being stolen.
Is there any pictures of her with Tact at the end, like getting married at all?

I mean shit, I'd even take a picture of them having kids or just doing lovey-dovey stuff because my copy of GA is dead

Why the fuck haven't you watched Rose of Versailles yet?
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I have. Why aren't you watching the BDs?
You'd still like Rose of Versailles if it were Sluts of Versailles and Lady Oscar had her dick sounded and Marie was taken up the ass every episode, wouldn't you Anon?
>Oscar-sama will never hold you in a gallant embrace
What's the point in living?

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Is it cheating, if the girl you "meet" on the other side is the same person as your girlfriend/wife, and she's in a relationship with the Mirror you?
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How much of a mirror are we talking about.
Totally fine. The four of you should get together for a foursome.
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Through a mirror, darkly.

See what has been seen, know what has been known.

What's it called when Christmas Cake is too old?
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she's a cute old lady
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