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Old man who has been out of the industry for 25 years and has a known hatred of all modern anime yells at clouds. Stay tuned for your local news.
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>I'm going to post a thread on /a/ to show them all just how little I care about this guy's opinion
>linking to CR of all places
Your Name is pretty overrated
>generic highschool romcom is supposed to be the greatest anime ever made

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ITT: Anime only you watched. Pic related.

Also I'm pretty sure I'm the only Anglophone over the age of 18 watching AppliMon.
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Is that fucking Hercule Poirot?!?!?!?!
Yep, Poirot, Marple, and Mary Sue OC Donut Steel.
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>There's a Hercule Poirot anime

I got to watch this!

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When will we have 『special moments』 again?
Remember waiting for the worst album?
Remember Code Geass?
Cross Ange, Valvrave, I want more superb nonsense like that!

Flip Flappers is not enough. There just isn't enough hype energy.
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Not enough, it didn't even have 50% of Valvraves nonsense power.

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where is this from? I'm a newfag.
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>0 results

google reverse image is failing me too.

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ITT: Write a anime plot
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SoL highschool comedy/drama.
"Why Is My Isekai Adventure Just Summoning Crazy Chuuni Schoolgirls From Other Dimensions?"

An anime fanboy but otherwise normal Japanese highschool student discovers he has a strange ability when he is confronted by a magical beast from another world. He summons to his aid... a rather normal looking schoolgirl, who proceeds to speechify in a flowery, kind of crazy way before she busts out a giant dragon of black lightning to obliterate the beast. As the boy talks to her, he soon realizes she's completely nuts; an utter chuunibyou case, she never had any powers before. But now, thanks to him summoning her to his world, she has gained magic abilities matching her delusions.

Over the course of the show he summons a combat harem of deluded crazy schoolgirls who inherit magical powers thanks to being summoned by him. The final battle with the summoner of the magical beasts reveals the truth the boy is secretly from another world, it's why he's being targeted. Season 2 will feature the boy and his harem returning to his home dimension and exploring it for his real parents.
Basically theres this high school girl except she's got huge boobs. I mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. Packin some dobonhonkeros. Massive dohoonkabhankoloos.
Big old onhongerekoogersitwashotwestayedinthewater.

Transfer student shows up one day with even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous

>[HorribleSubs] Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki - 07 [720p].mkv
ざわ。。。 ざわ。。。
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I liked the gradual kaijifikation.
Not enough Suzu to keep /a/ interested.

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Spoiler are out. The final dialog in the series makes a cliffhanger ending with Blue Nitro asking Toriko if he is interested in Space food. Not even kidding. Ew.
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Neo Toriko here we come.
God NO!

>[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara S2 - 07 [720p].mkv
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Oh well.
Is this forbidden love?
Grandpa is a great addition.

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piss piss
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I'm no necrophiliac!
I want to stick my nose in her puffy vulva

we can clearly see who's the best among the trinity.

>no new episode's thread
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Just post this and people will start paying attention.
We already knew that.
>been using commie for fucking 7 seasons
>motherfuckers drop it now
It's fucking 2 minute eps you fucks, how can you do this?

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Post only the bestest of girls.
Only one per series allowed, so post fast.
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this counts
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Rebuild is not NGE

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ITT: Breeding material
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It's so sad how little yuri artwork this part generated, even having been animated now. Jojo artists are always into yaoi and the other artists are too interested in drawing moe loli instead. I'm legit upset.
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Fuck off, /u/. Nobody messes with Koichi's bitch.

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Konata did nothing wrong.
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Then why doesn't she ace all her tests?
 ̄ω ̄.

>living your life to the fullest
>acing all your tests

Pick one.

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Fuck off.

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I think I'm in love, /a/.
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She's only good for fucking, But if you want someone to cuddle with and exchange warm kisses with and marriage, then Ritsu is the more suitable choice.

Also, S2 when?
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Keep her away from drink and she's fiiiine.
Would you have watched a Anime only concerned with her bagging MC (or the other way around)?

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