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Why is there so much /u/ shit this season? Who am I supposed to self insert as?
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As one of the girls, of course.
But girls can't love girls. That is forbidden love.
The submissive girl.

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Who is this and why does she make my kokoro go dokidoki?
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this was one of the nicest scens this year
How did Esdeath play another role outside her anime?

What do you think the life of a hot girl feels like?
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>Everyone compliments looks first over personality
>Creeps creep even harder
Probably not a great deal.
despite some inconveniences like >>149848288 mentions it's probably a lot better than being ugly
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Living in fear everyday.
Who knows when you'll be kidnapped to breed with monsters and become an orc producing factory out of your prolapsed vagoo. But at least you can admire yourself in a mirror

Who is your favorite Iron Blooded Orphans waifu?
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This gundam is so mediocre I really don't care for any of the girls despite many of them being fucking mint in normal circumstances.
not even one?
Not even one.

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I watched a few episodes with you, but I never got to finish it. Did they do the manga justice?
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So you're asking if you can watch the rest of the episodes with me as well?
pikari makes me happari

It's past my bedtime, but let me post this first.
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How often do seiyuu actually remember the shows they worked on? Not counting big roles like Luffy or Goku's of course.

I like to imagine an autist fan going up to a seiyuu and saying "Do the thing from x!!" but they don't remember what it is
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>Not being fan of seiyuu with few roles.
Seiyuus neither know nor care about the anime they're working on. They learn enough for marketing purposes around the time of the show's airing, but take no further interest in it. They're not otaku. They go in, get handed a script, decide which of their three slightly different voices they'll use because none of them have any range, and then they read the lines out.
>only doing it for the paycheck

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Now that he's coming out of retirement, what do you think of when you see this man's face?
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A guy whose movies blow out 99% of seasonal crap.
I think of a large bucket of deliscious, greasy Kentucky fried chicken

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>meanwhile in /a/ academy....
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I wish I was back at home reading manga and watching anime while shitposting on 2ch
I hope that loli I slept with isnt old enough to get pregnant
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Ok, who did this to my desk? Confess, faggot!

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Why is this allowed?
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A twelve-year-old's (12!) armpits are made for sex
armpit pussey
>armpits are made for sex

Watched the last episode last night.

I've been putting it off.

I'm going to miss you Umaru-chan.
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it's not like this piece of shit show was an emotional rollercoaster.

what was the final episode even about? It felt like all the episodes were the same.
Pretty sure it was one of the beach episodes

Only thing that stuck out to me about this show (besides best girl TSF, of course) was the atrocious soundtrack
this was a piece of shit. degenerative towards life.
and you're a faggot

Would you reward her with a headpat or a high five?
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Why not a slap on the ass or a hand under her skirt?
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I think i'm in love with her!
that all seems very impersonal
I'm more of a kiss-on-the-forehead kind of guy

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How do you feel about Bokurano?
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Edgy and pretentious. Both manga and anime.
But that's not NaruTaru
Manga was pretty good.

Anime was complete dogshit except for the OP and lolisex scene

You all just have a hair fetish
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>Tolerating Baldys
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It's actually a girl fetish.
Boys with hair can turn me on but they are not really what I'm looking for. Kill me because I'm sick.
>you all

I fucking wish, I want my hairjob doujins

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Eliminate loli
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Did she die?
>Eliminate loli
When did you realize you were a homosexual, OP?

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