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I just caught up on this manly shit. What are /a/'s opinions on it?
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Fuck the chinks for killing the boxer. I hope perfect man beats the shit out of all of them when he reveals he survived the blast.
It appears that I did not, in fact, catch all the way up. Where do I read chapters 202 onward?
the fuck are you talking about?

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Why are they so perfect? Which one would you ask out on a date?
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Sylphy of course.
Patrician taste.
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Muse is the best fairy.

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Ok it was my first time reading this manga, I started the last saturday, I just read the last chapter, and now I feel empty, the death of Kiriha and Kukuri caught me off guard, but I am enjoying the new arc so far, What do you guys think about this manga series?
So far, I really like the mix of action, ecchi and emotional moments that this series has provided me so far.
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I'm not ashamed to say that I've jerked off to more than one scene.

On a more serious note, would it be weird if I said I picked up a YuuYuu Hakusho vibe from it? I don't know if it's the recruitment of a "normal" human to fight against supernatural things. Maybe it's the fact they did a sorta of tourney before, and they're doing one now.
Yoshikadu is a damn good scene designer, which is what I appreciate most about Tsugumomo.

Tournament arcs are a writer's trap, and I hope he doesn't get caught up in this one too badly. The first bit went pretty quickly, though, so I guess he probably won't.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to developing the whole "Kazuya owning 19 tsukumogami" thing

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Are you excited?
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I'll watch it for perflat Elizabeth.
New anime?
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No, cause not Finny.

I just want more cute anime-industry working alcoholic girls. Please.
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Which shiro would you bako?
That's fine, just as long as it takes the gimmick and does something with it. New Game was fine but not a whole lot of actual game making as I'd like.
I would put my shiro in gothloli-sama's bako

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What the fuck is going on at nyaa? Why are avatars changing every other day? Why is the damn RSS feed still not working?
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Is this /a/ - Anime & Manga, or /a/ - Help for a Half Assed Public Tracker?
more /a/ than live action hollywood threads, nyaa site is enough to warrant a thread when it's dissolving into a shit show
No, it is not.

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A girl moves to a new island and a new school, and is trained by the "MC" to become among the best in this made-up sport.

Bonus: give the names, birthdays, and blood types of the show's OP and ED singers.
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>Get in the large fighting machine you fucker
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An untalented merchant has a goddess follow them around and spends all of his money.
Childhood friend dies but not really, this causes MC to go edgy. Meanwhile, incest siblings' mother lives on a ship with a large cannon which can destroy aliens.

I thought this was KonoSuba, but Kazuma isn't a merchant.

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How big is too big?
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>too big
Yuuko is a goddess
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>too big

What does HP stand for on Japanese websites?
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Health Points
Homo Penis
Boku No Pico

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Why are ninjas so lewd?
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This ninja is pure.
Pure shit.
Her VA is nice though.
Yumi is everything wrong with both Japan and the progress of the franchise.

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normies REEEE.jpg
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the fuck is that thing looks straight out of dead space

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>Zamasu rejected this
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She's a filthy ningen. Of course he did.
Good think he is gone now.
Why didn't Vegeta use his super sayian hearing to put an end to this potential cuckery?

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For anyone who was late for secret santa, or the like, I can do 4 more cards and a gift under $100.
I've never grinched anyone.
My gift always comes with homemade cookies.
Its not too late, today is your last chance.
[email protected]
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>homemade cookies
Made out of semen, I suppose?
What if I sign up but grinch you?
Then that'd be mean

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Who if they'll keep the drama CD cast:

Yuzu Aihara: Ayana Taketatsu
Mei Aihara: Minami Tsuda

Matsuri Mizusawa: Sayaka Horino
Himeko Momokino : Yurika Kubo
Harumi Taniguchi : Yukiyo Fujii

Staff is important. They need the right people who can nail shoujo dramatics
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Fuck Citrus.
Careful, you'll get an acid trip
You would a fruit?

Did you enjoy Stand Alone Complex?
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