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Paul Kupperberg posted about Len Wein’s death on his Facebook.
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Damn, now Logan's lost both his daddies
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I was trying to find an article to link, but it seems like people just found out so there's no writeup yet.

This sucks.

I was just reading a great story from him last night, what a fucking tragedy. One of my all-time favorites.

I've gotta storytime something. This sucks.

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Well howdy everyone! It's me, your old pal Butters! Gee whiz, it sure feels like it's been forever since the last episode of South Park, but it's just been a year! Lotsa stuff has happened since then, and now the nice fellers at Comedy Central are going to premiere the new season tonight at 10/9c! Hey, that's two hours from the time of this post! Neato!

>White People Renovating Houses - Protesters armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park; Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today's society.

Aw hamburgers, a Randy episode? I thought we were going to see AWESOM-O versus Woodland Critter Christmas, I sure hope they weren't just joking about that...
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Hi Matt/Trey
Is it the same anon doing these threads for years? Because that's some dedication.
Based Butters.
I missed you.

Fact: Wanda is better than Raven
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Wanda was prime jerk material for horny pre-teens in the early 90's.
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/co/ soundtracks thread.

Post your favorites.
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I don't want to

>Multiple levels of executives all greenlit this and thought it looked cool enough to get people hyped about it
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I think you mean all of Marvel is Perlmutter's bitch.
Do Cyclops and Wolverine need to be brought back to life and ass rape the entire Royal Family to death in order to sate you fucking X-fags?
Basically this. Perlmutter owns Marvel Entertainment. If the owner wants something done it's going to get done, no matter if someone speaks out against it or not.

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Why was this seen as a good idea?
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This is your second, third try at this? What are you trying to say?

>Good idea

No, it's just fake deconstructivism for normies. Since Moore we had dozens of those

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Probably sailor moon but I prefer insane women in skin tight suits that are easy to manipulate
Unless left is an AU Harley I'm not remembering this shouldn't be possible for her to realistically win without the element of surprise.
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Usagi is a fucking Goddess from the future, there is not comparison OP.

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Why were the main villains OCs? Couldn't they use Ma Gnucci or the Costas?
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Who gives a shit?
The originally were going to be the Costas, but as the script was worked on more and more they eventually dropped the name once it was pointed out how little they now had in common with them.
at least this one had the skull

what the fuck were they thinking with the dolph lundgren one

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post cute
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Favorite Adult Swim night lineup?
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All kidding and toxic stereotypes aside, I want that Hesh poster.
for me, sgc2c

hated brakk show
Back when they had Futurama.

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