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Do you like smoking girl?
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Smoking HOT, not just smoking.

Your girl's forearm is too long.
yes i do
smoking in general is very cool

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>voices the best girl in two separate KyoAni shows

Can she be stopped?
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Gonna need a name because god knows I can't tell them apart.
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Which ones?
Have you heard of google?

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Anyone see Your Name yet? Saw it last night and it hit me right in the feels.
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Going to see it on Friday.

I wonder if it will be better than Koe no Katachi. That was fucking great.
I did. Its shit. Anime is dead. Unless my friend Yamakan manages to save it again
Your Name is a huge hit. There are a lot of women who are saying the film is a masterpiece, and it has me worried about the future of Japan. Come on, the film just uses the good parts of films and manga that’ve sold well in the past. It’s rubbish. As a person who’s been involved in anime, there wasn’t one second of Your Name that I thought was interesting or moving. Seriously, the story and script are awful. Even comparing it to the artistry of Hayao Miyazaki’s films is a mistake.

We have about 20 more episodes left. I think we have about 10 watching.
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Will this get better? Still don't understand who paid for all this episodes when manga sells below 100k. Where is the profit or are nips too stupid when it comes to money.
>that dance segment
Holy shit, hahaha
Government funding

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So, it's Tsukihime fucking done now?
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It's been done. Fate is and will be milked as the cash cow it is until the end of time. Saberfaced remake never
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Go back to /v/ and stay there.
your reading comprehension is pretty shitty

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ITT tsundere done right
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Stop trying to froce these threads you retard.

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Now that the dust has settled van we all agree this was the blandest set of main characters ever?
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Orihime a shit.
>Now that the dust has settled
Fuck off.
Wasn't this the chapter with the latin letters forshadowing the sternritters and that SS was ruled by Quincies in the past?

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death devil.jpg
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How do we go from THIS....
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to THIS?
How much semen do you think she consumes onaverage
The dick.

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Why did Shinji Ikari choke Asuak?
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Why do we have this same thread every single day?
Because i need an answer.
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asuka has an asphyxiation fetish

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Azusa is getting married!
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omedeto gozaimasu
Beautiful couple
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Webm thread
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>watch pic related
>all other horror anime seem like childish shit in comparison

are there other series that came close to the horror and suspense of Another?
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Izumi is such a fantastic girl. I'm glad she managed to make it through without dying - she threw up a lot of flags in that last episode, but she managed to pull through anyway.

I especially liked the ending, where everyone realized what a terrible character Mei was, so Sakakibara decided to hook up with Izumi. The last scene, where the two of them kissed on the ferris wheel, looking down at the town was really romantic. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who teared up a little bit.

Izumi simply gets things done. She's a girl who has the lives of all of her classmates riding on her shoulders. She carries that weight and won't let it break her. She values the lives of other people - she cares about what happens to them, and as they start dying, the knowledge that she's partially responsible starts to build up on her shoulders. But does she give up? No way. She just keeps going along, trying not to crack under the pressure.

This comes as a contrast to Mei, who, when Sakakibara talked to her, decided to talk back, dooming her classmates to a horrible death. She even knew who the extra was all along, but rather than say anything, she decided to let even more people die. In the end, the only reason she bothered to go stop the extra is because her classmates finally decided to kill her; she might not care if other people died, but once her life was in danger, then she'll do something about it. She's selfish and a sociopath.

Izumi however, didn't hesitate. She went to kill the extra when she (thought) she knew who it was. She wasn't going to let anybody else die. She's smart, beautiful, nice and mature. And to top it all off, she's a god damned hero.

She's a fantastic girl. And I for one am very glad that, rather than dying a senseless death in the last episode, she instead survived and hooked up with Sakakibara. She earned that little slice of happiness.
>watch another
>all comedy anime seem like childish, unfunny shit in comparison
>are there other series that came close to the horror and suspense of Another?

Fairy Tail

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How is this a fair fight ?
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Because Ezra has tits
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Are these supposed to be impressive sword-users or something?
Because Zoro doesn't go all out on women.

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How did you feel about this scene
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>Not start to lick her feet
What is wrong with him?
pretty intense scene.
Fueled my foot fetish.
it made me a footfag

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Who is hyped for Terra/moon adaptation?
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Egh, not really after seeing how rushed as fuck s1 was. Better off reading the vn
>watching VN adaptation

You never learn do you
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Well S1 was an anime original route

S2 is suppose to adapt the true routes

the studio has quality issues however

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