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Why can't I get this kind of presents for Christmas?
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I want the present of coming to /a/a and not seeing garbage threads like this on the front page
Because you touch yourself at night and you are a bad kid
t. Santa-san
Post your example of good thread
Go, go

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>nature is good
>progress is bad
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>OP is a faggot
>OP should stop posting
>humans are a disease

What did you expect from literal communists?

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Should I bother watching this show? I like Claire's design a lot.
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Just fucking do it anon-kun

And if you didn't like it at least masturbate to that girl

And the fuck with this captcha, ayylmao
Its pretty shit, even by harem anime standards. If you're only in it for her design then just download pics of her and never bother with the anime.
Claire a best. A BEST.

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a true fan pushes through
This, just read it. In the grand scheme of things, there have been much worse scanlations and you depriving yourself of reading the literal GOAT manga.

Nothing will ever be as good as Hokuto no Ken.
I'm planning on reading it, just asking why someone hasn't done a better scan since then.

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I direly want S4 and I'm not ashamed
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Why should you be ashamed?
What if in S4 the Yurus were older and had matured in more ways than one. Would you still watch it?
Need a S3 first.

How do you make a show that even 21 years after airing is still as popular if not more than at the time?
When will people forget Evangelion?
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Its fanbase is literally fueled by autism. Most normal people stop caring about it like they stop caring about any other show, like most other fanbases.
I watched it for the first time last week
it wasn't very good
easy. you need two girls: one who is obviously best girl and one who is obviously shit. then you will have a bunch of trolls pretending to like shit girl and a bunch of fish falling for the bait and arguing with the trolls.

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So how was your day, anon?
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you aren't real
Nobody cares
I was going to say I care, but numbers don't lie, so I guess I don't care.

Also get out of my house Lucifer

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>Ricchan will never grab your arm and walk with you to high school
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>tfw you will never go to high school
Well yeah, she goes to an all-girls high school.
Well maybe I didn't want to walk with her anyway.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

40 days!

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Is it Christmas yet?
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Yuru Yurimas.jpg
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If I shill this enough here, will we get a season 2?

I don't know what I wouldn't give for a second season.
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Doesn't this have an OVA? I didn't like how the anime ended.
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Simca thread?
I just read the manga. The ending was rushed and was shit.

How far does the anime go?

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Let us appreciate one of the best MILFs of all time
Say something nice about this glorious woman
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overrated, she's for faggots who want to fuck bakugou and fap over his clone with tits
Say that with a straight face faggot oh right you aren't straight
This author has a very interesting style. He is like a fusion between Oda, Toriyama and Araki. The faces are cartoonish, but the bodies and the clothes are realistic. Look at those legs.

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Why is she laughing at me?
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What's her disability?
a bad case of the gays

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Hamtaro thread
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Whatever happened to Hamtaro? He used to be one of the most recongizeable characters now he's barely in anything.
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Ebichu > Hamtaro
>still have all the VHS
I'd rewatch them all if I had a player.

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Are you a dollicon, /a/?
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it's lolicon you idiot
I'm not sure. I know I'd like Miuna to piss in my mouth though.

I want to cum in doll joints is that the same

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