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How does teleportation work anyway? And no, you can't say "it's magic."
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>And no, you can't say "it's magic."
Of course not, because in that fucking world, it's FUCKING SCIENCE, YOU MASSIVE FAGGOT!
deconstruction of your atomic structure, transmission of your atomic configuration to a remote location, and then reassembly upon arrival

you run into issues of continuity of consciousness, the wishy washy spiritual implications, etc.
it's a tired and ancient topic
They either open up a wormhole type of aperture in space or disassemble all of their molecules and reassemble them somewhere else

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does anyone else hate this? its painful to see people in their late 20s be such failures. so much cringe in this.

its completely unrealistic. people with that much more life experience would be running circles around high schoolers. am I supposed to be rooting for these retards? and they're STILL awkward as fuck?

its worse than that freak Subaru from Re:Zero, because he at least is just a teenager so he has an excuse for naivety.
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fuck off normalfag
forgot your facebook frog, faggot
I think a better story would be if it were time travel.

But they seem so stupid that they wouldn't know what to do differently in the past, given how they act.

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Could he have beaten netero/meruem?
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Meruem maybe on par
Old Netero definately
Young Netero ehh we don't know, maybe?
Definitely not considering he still got his arm yanked off and basically died fighting a decapitated chick.I think the only character that could have genuinely defeated meruem was a younger netero.
He isn't smart enough to beat Netero and he would never beat Meruem unless the king was taking a snooze.

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How would you train Sagiri?
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Probably with a couple of guys flown in from Detroit.
Old bald men
Cuddling, hand holding and eye contact.

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Are we allowed to have fun now?
I feel we will soon be reminded that no fun is allowed on /a/

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Why are broken girls always best girls?
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Is that so?
I want to pull their fake legs off and rub their stumps
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Stub socks are hot/cute!

best girl
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Superior taste anon.
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Another man of culture.

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ITT : shows impossible to understand if you aren't fluent in japanese and aren't well-versed in japanese culture
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SZS is easy to understand, it's just the celebrity/government references that are the trouble.
I understood it and Joshiraku just fine and I'm neither
It's possible to understand. It's still not funny either way.

Tell me your favorite space dandy episode.
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The band episode.
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Gotta be limbo or fish.

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>watch pic related
>it was bad, but not only regular bad
>it's so bad that now most regular-mediocre series became watchable for me because almost anything looks decent in comparison
>mfw I realize that being too patrician only made me have less fun watching anime

For that I think I am grateful for you, Asterisk War, thanks for being the most effortless anime ever created and allowing me to be able to appreciate most subpar shows.
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congrats on reaching anime nirvana

watching battle harems is pretty comfy if you settle to just enjoy the girls and groan at the clich├ęs. some are better than others but whatever, they all have at least something enjoyable even if it is just a new set of character tags to look up on pixiv
I never got why this got shat on so hard. It was very much "regular bad." There were a number of worse battle harems that year (Kuusen Madoushi, Fafnir, Isuca), and even that season Rakudai was about the same level.
Watch more anime
It's not the most effortless anime ever created from the production point of view because it had good animation budget. There's plenty of battle harems that have exactly the same writing as Asterisk while the animation is far worse.

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Starting with a recent one
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Both are wrong, Miserable Fags

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>Harem protagonist dodges Tsundere slap matrix style.

>Guy and girl fall on each other. girl ends up groping guys chest.
>He smacks her and cries "pervert"

>Hero and villain are about to show down. Smoke and fog everywhere. Villain launches into a massive monologue about how he's about to ascend to be a god and nothing could possibly stop his plan now, the only remaining lynchpin is killing the Hero and ending the last threat to his plan.
>Hero's gone. Went home.

>MC and Best Buddy have been bros since forever. MC becomes Harem Protagonist and has eight girls lusting after his dick. Best Buddy, being a butt monkey, has none.
>MC is a fucking bro and sets up situations to give Best Buddy his own Harem
>Show is now about two dudes with harems being bro as fuck.

>Harem Protagonist is diplomat for Japan in a foreign power known for corruption. "Harem" is because the girls are being paid to try to seduce him.

>SoL from the perspective of the bloke who does Goku's hair
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These are actually really good
>Hero's gone. Went home.

could have sworn this happened in One Punch Man once

Big sisters are THE BEST
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They sure are.
what's it like to have a big sister?
I wish I knew...

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What do you think of Misa-nee?
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Truly a cancer upon the mahou shoujo series.
Raita should stop liking that Selvaria clone and give more screentime to literally any other girl.
She's my favorite behind Kirara.
Raita's art is fucking disgusting.

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>always make fun of my grandma for watching Mexican and Turkish soap opera's
>realize that all the slice of life/romance "cute girls doing cute things" animu I watch is exactly the same shit
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This garbage is NOT a cgdct sol and you'll do well to never misuse those terms again
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but it's anime. Their drama is different then 3dpd
it's worse when they make fun of you for watching those chinese girly cartoons because they think their telenovelas aren't the same thing in a different presentation

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