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ITT: Anime blueballs.
>have cute lolis showing off their tights and bellies all the time
>constant usage and talk of panties, including a sidecharacter who's always talking about how the best kind is the one being worn by a woman
>yet literally zero pantyshots
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This always baffled me.
So many "almost" shots too.
Pantyshots were dead before the 10s.
any retarded romcom with constant misunderstandings and interruptions

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is Neon Genesis Evangelion the greatest anime of all time? why or why not?
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I fell into suicidal depression upon finishing the anime yesterday tbqh.
did you watch EoE? and yes, it can be depressing, but the shit makes you think

and very few things that are movies or shows make you think like that
>did you watch EoE?
Looking to watch in about 20 mins. What am I in for?

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What's her height?
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That TV is probably at least 5 feet off the ground and she's as tall as it while crouching. Maybe around 8 feet?
Nah man you gotta account for perspective
She's at least 12ft tall
not tall enough

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Could you control yourself around a Demi?
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I wouldn't went to town with a dullahan head
Sex with a dullahan would be the greatest thing ever. Imagine holding her head and forcing her to take your entire cock in her mouth (she can't control the pace, so it's even hotter). Imagine your cock going through that space-time wormhole where her neck is as it enters her throat dimension.

Imagine rubbing your cock across her cold neck-flames. Imagine placing her head on a pillow and making her watch you do her in the missionary position, all the while feeling everything that happens to her body, while she can't move her head at all. Imagine doing anal with her, while holding her head, staring into her eyes the whole time while you're ramming her from behind. Imagine making out with her head while fucking her body with no hands.

Imagine the afterglow, where you sleep cuddling her head while her body cuddles you from behind.

Goddamnit why are there no doujins for this girl? The lewd potential is off the charts
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I'd end up committing a crime

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I wish an anime that is focused exhibitionism featuring young girls existed.
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>decide to look up tags for exhibitionism
>nothing but trench coat + bondage rope
It's called, hentai.

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2007 waifu.jpg
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Characters that died too early and without proper backstory thread
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I miss her.
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Is this gonna be a naruto thread?
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m-maybe it's just no fair we lost Tayuya and other good underrated Naruto girls and we got stuck with pinky mc scream bitch a lot

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Would you be okay with having an eldritch horror as an onee-san?
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What do you mean "okay with"? I WANT one.
No, but if one wanted to be my big sister there wouldn't be much I could do about it.
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>Would you be okay with having an eldritch horror as an onee-san?


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By writing about his fetish, this man became not only one of the richest men in modern Japan but one of the most recognized modern authors worldwide.
Why aren't you doing the same, /a/?
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Because only our Lord and Savior Tsukasa Fushimi can accomplish that.
It's illegal in my country
My writing isn't flagrant otaku pandering, so I won't make a lot of money, nor will Japan read it.

>foreign games
has Chiaki been playing exactly where the story and gameplay are better than Japanese products?
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Certainly not anything from the past few years
Gone Home

You can see that she has abysmal taste since she talks like some /v/irign about moeshit this moeshit that
What is the jap game industry allegedly focused on if not gameplay and story?

What a cute married couple.
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Is the new chapter of the manga out yet?
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best moment.png
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Yukari a SHIT. Can't even be faithful to his true love.
This guy is a faggot. Fuck him fpr cheating. Make up your fucking mind

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So it was all just propaganda about the environment?
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It red pills you on reading the manga instead

I never saw the anime, but the manga wasn't very on the nose with the whole environment thing, it is arguable if it even was relevant at all. It was mostly about human nature, with the MC being confused about his own humanity, and the subjectivity of evil, well played, as it wasn't just "Humans are the bad guys, period" but rather "Really, we are just going to hide now because this is a losing war and we don't give a shit." Honestly, evil alien would be a crazy strong word, and in the same sense they weren't the good guys either and In end we are all just trying to survive

All around, a great read.
More like the Shinichi realized that the parasytes weren't evil. They were just dumb animals doing all they new how to do. You don't blame a lion or bear for killing someone do you? The ending showed that at the end humans are just dumb animals as well. Shinichi could have let him go at the end, but he killed him because hes human.

do they legit expect us to side with the demons?
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is it normal that i want azazel and El to end up together?

i'm a girl
i'm not a girl

Is this the most kino moment in anime history?
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fuck off
If you want to talk about cowboy bebop than don't use this pure cancer meme. Make a normal thread next time.

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What the hell /a/ you lied to me, this wasn't scary at all.
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You're thinking of the other eyepatch girl, Mizuno or whatever her name is. She is from Another show.
too late,anon
this meme is way too old to still be funny
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Scary how fat her ass is.

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Who is she marrying?
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This guy
I want Rin to beat me up.

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