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The ending of Toradora was complete bullshit
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Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
Yea I agree, never understood how people can act like it is as great as they make it out to be.

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itt: characters worse than hitler
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Shou did nothing wrong.
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>Implying Hitler was bad

What's even a scanty?
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A character that furries enjoy.
"very brief underpants, especially for women."
A cute.

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Fate rout is the highest IQ
Carnival Phantasm Masterpiece
I want to like heaven's feel but my inner shounen fag just likes the power level of shirou in UBW end.
Everyone just kind of gets fucked up in heaven's feel and the only good thing from a power perspective is rin might eventually get around to making gem sword when she can be assed.
I'm a faggot though. I want a route with gem sword rin, UBW shirou and a not dead ilya but it wouldn't be fate/stay night without bitter sweet endings.

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What's the correct order of fate series?
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don't bother watching anything other than fate/zero. Watch Illya if you're a disgusting lolicon
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I want to be cute like Astolfo and wear pretty dresses.
Why has that girl got such a flat chest?

>Isekai anime
>But the teacher is send to another world by mistake
>He has absolutely no powers but his knowledge about history and economy
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Haha funny trap meme, female (male) are so funny haha.

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My 3x3.png
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3x3 thread, let's get this started with the only real 3x3
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how to do that?
Decent bait

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New chapter's out
>we BNHA now
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This "team of heroes" reeks of "getting wiped out". I'll give them 5 chapters
nice pic for ants
the slime guy looked dumb, the healing demon girl was cute and gear guy looked amazing in his true form

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Tsuyu is a dumb frog
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Which makes you a dumb frog poster.
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what the fuck
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what is this fucking shit
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now theres a clown ?
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looks fun

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Wow wtf happened to this? I didn't expect to feel this fucking bitter by the end of it all. Here I was thinking utaha was best girl from the very get go. What a bitch. I guess its Kato ftw, I honestly can't see any other ending if its gonna be fair play.
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Welcome to the light. You don't need traitors. You only need Megumi.
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Well Eririririri and Utaha are traitors.
Let's rejoice and ride the mothership which is Megumi.
Hathered from LN:
If this was a year ago, I wouldn’t need this much courage.
If this was a year ago, I probably would just go away with the flow.
But this time, I’m scared, I’m nervous, and my hands are trembling.
And now, holding on to this powerful feeling, I’m gathering all my determination…
“I.. I love you, Megumi! I love the 3D (furigana: real) you!”
Utaha a shit.

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Even if she got out of it, her legs were already injured which would still have her be caught/stomped/etc by the robot.
Why do people always never realize this when they complain about "plotholes"?
if only she had a power that could make her float out of the way or something

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So did we get any translations about this guy. Is he a clone of bratty savior?
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God bless TLanon from last thread
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So to recap from last thread:

>Old crew may have a comeback but as clones or as s00mika like robots
>Ditto for Takeru
>No sign of Mikoto
>Yuuko is alive and has genetically modified herself to stay young
>She is also on the "run" from authorities but is actually helping steer humanity from the shadows
>Kasumi is supreme rules of United Mankind and Inia is her second in command.
>BETA have been eliminated from the Solar System
>Humanity consists of Clones, Robots and BETAhybrids.
>Humanity has sent a space fleet to make contact with Siliconians and "persuade" them about carbon based life forms.
>Humanity has been mass producing Susanoo's like crazy.
>4th gen TSFs now are main stay
>but there also are super rare and super secret 8th gen TSF which act like miniature Susanoos.
>It is possible that characters from spinoffs will also make an appearance as clones (e.g. Total Eclipse)
>BETA now have their own equivalent of TSFs, or BETA like TSFs are piloted by BETAhybrids ala Knights of Sidonia.
>Meiya is still best girl
>and so is Lafiel

did I forget anything?
>so is Lafiel
My lander. Time for me to draw.

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Why was Hanabi BTFO so hard over Kanai having sex with some woman, wasn't she also fooling around with Mugi and wasn't she also mean to Moka who loved Mugi ?
Was it hypocrisy ?
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Hanabi is getting married!
Congratulation to Hanabi. When is the wedding ?
Except for Akane, the cast was full of hypocritical cunts.

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Did they make Sagiri sexy on purpose? Isn't she supposed to be 12?
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She's kinda tall for a 12 year old.
This animu is legitimately shit and stupid.
Should I watch this?

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