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Best KyoAni girl?
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Just look at her.
Budget Mio
Nothing to see here
I can see the argument for her

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When are yurifags going to stop ruining anime? I'd honestly rather have fujoshi at this point.
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yurifags will not stop until anime is finally dead
Only when you stop ruining 4chan.

Episode 7 is out for you few watching.
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Everyone dropped this it seems.

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These are Reina's breasts. Say something nice about them.
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I'm not attracted to lesbians, sorry
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But all girls are lesbians. Do you realize what that means?

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Who is the best tomboy waifu?
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How is Mikasa a tomboy?
Fuck off.
>misusing waifu
shit thread

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Slutty love letter girl.png
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This girl was probably one of my favorite one-shot minor characters ever.
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Post her heart eyes.
Scary how I don't remember this part from ABP at all.
What's her name?

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So now that the dust has settled, which series is better? Both got axed despite being main WSJ series at their peak (especially Bleach). Both had tons of ridiculous and bizarre moments. Both left us disappointed.
My vote goes to Toriko. It was even more ridiculous than Bleach (especially during the end), I liked the world and adventure feel and the last chapter was actually good (Bleach ending was garbage).
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>So now that the dust has settled,
Kill yourself and fuck off.
>main WSJ series at their peak (especially Bleach)
You're not even trying to hide the fact that this is bait, huh?

>Can't match up to other Servants
>Always the same group of people
>Most of them are failures
>Pic related kills her master if he even touches her

Is it even possible to win with Assassin? Why even have the class if it's just cannon fodder?
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Everyone who tries to summon an Assassin is secretly hoping for Duke Togo.
Most masters are morons and use their assasins wrong
Being cannon fodder is intentional. The three original families created everything outside the knight classes to increase the Grail fuel

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Found this on a whim in my bookstore. Seemed neat, apparently the anime was last season too. Never saw any talk about it though, and it doesn't seem to be scanlated anywhere. How is it?
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Well the anime was good.
I looked forward to the anime each week so make of that what you will.
The anime was good.
The source could be good as well.
The voice work and soundtrack added a lot to it, though. I don't know if the manga has the same atmosphere, but you should try it out yourself.

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Bitch, you've had motherfucking mind conversations with Mana where she's confirmed you read her mind.

Why the fuck is this arc even a thing Nobel?
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Not sure how you reached this point without recognizing the old ''stretch a point 60 times for cheap chapters'' but kudos to you.
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I really don't get why she thinks she's psycho when she talks with mana all the time.
Hold your ass for the upcoming chapters where she convinces herself Mana is a delusion too.

This is Riko. Say something nice about her.
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Cute smile, usually smells good, very healthy, smart, perfect body type. If I knew a girl like her IRL, I'm marry her on the spot.
I want to fuck her in the ass.
She's a cute lump.

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What the fuck is his problem?
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Read the webcomic
Not good enough to be a hero.

Wants to become the ultimate necessary evil.

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What did Anno mean by this?
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Shinji is fucked up
My personal take is that he was trying to throw shit at the otaku who just masturbate to every female character in anime and wage waifu wars and shit, and never see these characters as anything more than that, just fapping material, which is kinda fucked up in its own way, hence why shinji said that.
I mean I do get his point, but he is being a bit too much of a faggot about it IMO.

Or you know , he could just have put it there for shock value who knows.

Haha they make the animation shitty on purpose. Very funny. Let's keep repeating this "joke" guys
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??? what.
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>shitty animation

don't forget who is your goddess, anon
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I prefer Yozora or Rika.
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>August 14
I know, I know, and I believe.
But you get canon cucked at end

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