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>Darker than Black was 10 years ago
>Kaiji S2 was 6 years ago
>Guilty Crown was 6 years ago
>Psycho-Pass was 5 years ago

Time flies and it hurts. What other shows did you watch with /a/ as it aired? And how shocked are you that it's been so many years since then? The ones I listed feel like yesterday.
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>Madoka was 6 years ago
For whatever reason Guilty crown feels like yesterday to me. The other don't though, I remember them as being from a while ago. I think it's in some way because of that cripple pasta.
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And I still remember how we managed to fill 700+ thread (remember, bump limit was 200 at the time).

And when last episode aired, whole thread filled in within 5 minutes, after which 4chan crashed.

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Would you sit next to her?
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>Train is for crackwhore prostitutes and niggers.
You live in a third world country.
Public transport is nice and clean in well-developed countries.
If there are no other seats yes. Otherwise I'd avoid her because I don't want to be called a pedophile.
And get my ass thrown in jail for boarding the female only train car? No way.

Find a flaw.
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I prefer these young maidens.
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How nice, my favorite [email protected] and my favorite [email protected] [email protected] in one thread.
cunny too small, would end up killing her

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aot 67890-08909809.jpg
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what's with the hate for Aot?
the manga is actually pretty good
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Typical hipsters jumping on the hatewagon
Because of the fanbase.
It being good is subjective, the artstyle is trash and that's a big turn off for me, but otherwise enjoyable, the problem is the fanbase that brings, the threads are pure shipping shit and tumblrfaggotry, other anons don't say that they like it to avoid being lumped with the rest of the cancer and the ones who hate it basically have a free pass for talking shit

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Yuko and Hideyoshi.jpg
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Left or Right?
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Left because I'm not gay
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Both because they are both girls

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The fluffiest elf now in a sweater and glasses.
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Looks so smart.
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Looks so fat!
What a perfect tummy!

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I know there's no chapter this week and that's because the author's working on the second volume.
But that doesn't mean there's nothing to see or read on the downtime.
Here are the raws of the Volume 1 extras.
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>Boy Meets Wolf
This is going to be a good extra chapter.

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How do I be a conversationalist like the people of this show? They always say interesting things.
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You just think before you say anything, and always aim to make the comments tad more witty or specially worded out.
Read actual literature instead of asian comics.
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Was it rape?
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>Pres will never rape you and convince you you like it while bullying you. :'(
Shes wearing godtier socks
>Reminder that if you listen too much to SJW's
Cant we have some rape jokes without mentioning SJW bullshit?

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What's your favorite "battle shounen"?
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The one that has good story

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Now that it's finally out, what's your opinion on Your Name?
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Better than any crap Miyazaki shat out in his whole life
why didn't he just write his fucking name

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mrs papa.jpg
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Is there a point when it's time for traps to stop?
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How the fuck does something like that end up procreating?
There's always someone for everyone.
File: 1421425540335.jpg (81KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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Yes. The point where they become traps.

>What a worst way to wake up

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Holy shit this series is purge awful dredge under a think pile of Glurge!
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No you.
still good song


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We all agree that Satsuki was best girl, right ?
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I want to lick her sweaty eyebrows.
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Used goods
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Nonon Skull Hat.png
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There was only one competition for me.
She still lost tho.

>people ironically preferring the loli version when THIS exists
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>those tits
Eww. It's good that she was spared from this fate in the main timeline.
survivor snail best snail, everyone will worship at her shrine
If I wanted titties in that universe, I'd go for kiss-shot acerola-orion heart-under-blade

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