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I really wanna give this pervert gambler headpats.
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I want to shove my dick into her vagina and ejaculate inside, if you know what I mean.
I feel like she prefers choking. More risks involved.
I wanna give her buttpats

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What are the good OP or ED from this season?

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Like you have to ask

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OP of the season is probably this
Why does it matter if it's good or bad if you only watch it once and skip it every other time?

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Is BlazBlue Variable Heart not being translated anymore?
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on the other forum o think the trannies wait for the complete vols.
Surely MaiOlev you love your waifu enough to commission a trans?

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How aggressive do you like your tomboys, /a/?
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I like my tomboys a bit awkward and thoughtful, but always ready for a friendly wrestling match that devolves into heavy petting and cuddling
I'm a big fan of tomboats.
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Aggressive as possible

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Why is Ryuko so much better than Satsuki?
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Ryuko is nice but Satsuki-sama is best.
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>That unstable loser better than Satsuki-sama.
Surely you jest.
Yeah if you have shit taste and like ugly women.

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Ghost in the Shell. What is /a/'s opinion of it?
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Entry level shit
work of art

Also the English dub was better.

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Can she be fixed?
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She's pretty damn smart for a monkey.
she does not need fixing
hook her on drugs and make her whore for next fix should do the trick

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11 years old.
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Shes 1 year old if the author writes that on the paper.

she has sophisticated sense of fashion and likes classical music too, just your typical 11 year old
>14 years old

Why is Char's Counterattack so good bros? I can't stop watching it.
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Because CCA is when I realized Amuro was actually the best character in the UC.
It's shit.

Gundam peaked with ZZ
I realized that as early as 0079 and never looked back.
Opinion might change once I finish Victory & Turn A tho

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Nasuverse is stupid.
Same reason why there are so many fucking Saber clones. Nasu is a hack.
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French Shiki is best Shiki.

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So what did /a/ think of ReLife?
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its good, but the manga is dragging its feet.
Self Insert: The Anime

I thought it was cute, but the MC is so similar to me I'm clearly biased.

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You may choose only one.
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Yuki gets the d in every hole that can take it
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Who the fuck is the green haired chick to the top right of Haruhi?
Also I pick Haruhi obviously as anyone should.

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>first episode doesn't play the OP until the end and doesn't have the ED song at all
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>last episode doesn't have the OP
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>second episode starts up with OP
>you suddenly realized that you watched the OP twice in a row for no good reason
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>OP shows things that never happen in the series

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What's the problem with Japan and people in their twenties? Why the hell are they treated like they're fucking fossils in anime and manga? Even in seinen, which is supposed to have an adult target audience, this pattern persists. It's especially weird when you consider that Japan has some of the highest life expectancies in the world and isn't some third world shithole where you're considered ancient if you hit 40.

The nips should really stop pretending life ends after high school.
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does this looks like japan to you
No, the Japanese should be continuing what they are doing.
If you don't like it, go to >>>/tv/ or >>>/v/. They have some great middle-aged men and used-up women engaging in exciting activities.
Also, this is not Japan.
Do you want that she has wrinkled faceļ¼Ÿ
or want he's old fart guy?

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Happy birthday to you
No route forever
Happy birthday, Sacchin
Isn't it sad?
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