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Tenga Nero is hot.

Why did the last thread get deleted?
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huh. i'd been wondering who this girl was or what she was from, thanks
>Why did the last thread get deleted?
Newfags mods I bet. Quite a shame, it had been one of the best TM threads we've had in days. No newfags or secondaries asking stupid questions. It was pretty nice.
Probably because it spiraled into a second /fgog/. Better talk about the Extella adaption and how it will save anime instead.

who am I kidding, post more Nero

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Why does Chifuyu get so little doujins?
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What are you, a pedophile?
She was too early for the age of onees.

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best girl drinking tea.jpg
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TEA with Chinatsu!
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Why would I drink tea with a rapist
Yea, why not drink female body fluids with her?
Chiina did nothing wrong m8

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Why is Evangelion legendary with even the most pleb of anime fans having seen it, and not Utena? Both challenged ideas of what anime of their respective genres could be. Both have had influence on anime over the past two decades. So why?

"Yes, I've seen it. It's a huge influence on anime these days and everyone should see it."

"You mean that fencing lesbian show? Who cares?"
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Evangelion is mostly a show about gorgeously animated giant robots wrecking shit up and everyone loves that.

Utena is just another mahou shoujo show.
Same reason why people don't give a fuck about SDF Macross, Ideon and what have you.
>with even the most pleb of anime fans having seen it
You have the answer right there.
Eva is for plebs, Utena for patricians.
i didn't enjoy either outside the visuals and symbolism

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Wait, are there seriously people who didn't think Ueno was in the wrong?
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I thought you already forgot about her.
u e n o d i d n o t h i n g w r o n g
There was nothing inherently wrong with Ueno hating Shouko, but that's it. Her actions were completely indefensible right to the very end of the manga.

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18 is entry level but at least she's a pretty decent pick, now pic related on the other hand...
You're waifu

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You know /a/, i've been hearing people shit on the "isekai" genre for awhile now, and i just have to ask. Why? What is the difference between a genre like isekai, and say, Slice of Lifes, shounen, or literally any other genre. Why exactly are Isekai the only genre treated with a shit ton of disrespect?
>inb4 HURR DURR over saturation!
i'm not talking LNs, i'm simply talking about anime. And it's not like Isekai were the first to blow up and began over saturating with shitty stories. The shounen and Slice of Life genres have been like that for years as well.
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It's just like how it was 'doom clone' before it was FPS
It just makes me irrationally agree. I know there's no logic behind it. I just hate it.

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A native chinese representing Japan in the Olympics? What are the chances of that happening in real life? Aren't they blood enemies?
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It's korea and Japan that are blood enemies. China is more like what india was to britain.
Japan is fine with some immigration as long as they assimilate (and normally change names). A half-Taiwanese woman is actually the leader of Japan's main opposition party.
Japan doesn't have any blood enemies

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Maybe next year or maybe the next ones, but I know Spice and Wolf will get a season 3. You can' tell me they didn't have one of the best sound tracks to date: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEHyPtlVzlk&ab_channel=Luxferre7
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Yuuji Yoshino's still one of the best composers.
Check out Brigadoon's OST as well if you like.
Sorry, no one likes furryshit in this board.
Also, Horo dies.
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Vol 6 CH. 51

Time for Iruru.

CH. 49:

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Sagiri after the finish.jpg
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Why aren't you watching anime right now?
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because I have to work.

You know, like normal people do
He has to clean his room or his mom will get mad at him

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Why can't normalfags into mecha?
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They can't?
>no Code geass

What if I didn't like any of those either? At least the ones I've seen.

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I don't understand, what's the big idea here? Did her body need to be like that to do her spy stuff? She's a robot.
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If you got the money to make a cyborg, then you got the money to make a sexy one.
There's no idea, she was created by a dude that just wanted to draw sci-fi porn at the time.
Spies can get further if they're pretty.

worst imouto
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Why would you think so?
>no best couple this episode
Those threads are pretty ded eh

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Akane Minagawa.png
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Was she the best girl of her show ?
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I don't know.
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"Do you think I'm terrible?"

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