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Why are gyaru getting so popular these days?
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This looks like a good deal.
it's an aquired taste
The whole "fuck your sister/mother" propaganda to combat the birthrate problems didn't work out as well, so they moved on to their next attempt. Warm the nips up to the idea of procreating with foreigners.

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Better girl
Best girl.

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How would you fix this anime?
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remove haruka
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Retroactively add Kaori and Minako as the dual MCs.
More Chihaya.

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These are your garbage meme girls for tonight.
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>garbage meme girls
what did he mean by this
>not Kumiko
>not an actual answer like Shibuya Rin

How do you choke this hard while making a thread?

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List the shittiest 80s/90s OVA(s) you've watched so far. Pic related. It was terrible.

Apparently there's heaps of this shit. How come?
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"From the director of M.D. Geist"
That's a neat warning
I couldn't even tell what the cover was supposed to be from the thumbnail. I thought it was some kind of lobster.

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why this bitch always smiling
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It's polite
Simple minds, simple pleasures
The blissful feeling of being best girl.

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Vol 6 CH. 50

Time for no Iruru.

CH. 49:
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It's my show of the season
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There's a thread every week when it airs. They have gotten smaller, but that's only because the shitposters have fucked off.
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It's ogre.

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Is this the most influential /a/ movie? Is it also, dare I say it, the best /a/ movie?
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>Is this the most influential /a/ movie
Impossible to answer and probably no. Akira isnt influential at all, its just a movie that proved that the Japanese can animate motion properly. Studios didnt watch Akira and suddenly were like
>yo guys lets go, lets actually animate stuff now haha

>the best /a/ movie
Not even remotely.
Please give examples, i know it's not the better movie, but "not remotely" it's too much in my opinion, Akira is fucking sick
>most influential
probably. a lot of newfags don't realize if it wasn't for streamline pushing stuff like Akira hard in the west, we may not even have anime fandom here. They were one of the first.
stylistically, not anymore. It influenced a lot of the late 80's early 90's anime, but anime moved away from that in the early / mid 2000's to being influenced by shit like lucky star and clannad.
>best /a/ movie
i don't know about 'best', but anyone who doesn't think it's in the top 10 is either retarded or a newfag

Hell of a ride. Best thing I've ever seen.
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I don't care. In a week you'll watch the next "best thing ever". That's the nature of not having seen a lot of stuff.
>Liking popular anime
>Enjoying things
Ha, what a faggot.

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Is there an objective way to analyze and score anime and manga?
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By length.
if this was possible, you could exploit the objective rating system and pump out insta-10s every time
By number of loads blown.

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>5 years of shows animated digitally at 480p
>will be stuck in a shitty resolution forever

Was 2001-2006 visually the absolute worst era for TV anime?
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You don't know shit.
Some got BDs, though.
Overman King Gainer was one of them.
You can rescan film. Digitally the only option is to upscale unless you're going to redraw evertything.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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It's shit
Thanks doc.

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another day, another chapter
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