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Just finished Legends Of Galactic Heroes, what a fucking ride it was.

Legends of Galactic Heroes thread I guess. Schenkopp a best.
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What is that?

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Is Hunter x Hunter intellectual?

>While the series as a whole has received widespread praise,[134][135] the Chimera Ant arc in particular has been often singled out. In addition to being met with rave reviews, the arc has generated considerable discussion and analysis of its themes, symbols, characters and structure throughout and in the aftermath of its run. The arc is commonly viewed as a deconstruction of shōnen and action anime;[136][137] other readings have focused on supposed symbolic parallels with Buddhism[138][139] and nuclear war. Nick Creamer compared the arc to a “war drama”. In a lengthy essay, Creamer read the arc as a study of, and in the end a simultaneous critique and defense of human nature.[140]

>Much of the writing surrounding the arc focuses on its villain, the Chimera Ant King. Largely echoing Creamer’s conclusion, Luke Halliday, in an examination of the character, describes his story as “an exploration into what it means to be human.”[141] In the piece, Halliday describes the King's development as “one of the most interesting and captivating in anime . . . [the King's] journey is simply unforgettable” and states his own belief that the arc “will go down as one of the greatest stories told in anime”.
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slipary wet dog poop
HxH is literally nothing but powerlevel babbling.

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>good isekai doesn't exi-
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Gate is shit though.
Well, finish the sentence.
Keep talking, i see nothing disagreeing with your statement.

reminder rolling girls was aoty
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Post the OP with original song vocals.
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which year though?
The series was sort of all over the place, but this scene was great.

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What the hell was her problem?
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Being best girl is not a problem, anon.

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Has there ever been a more alpha character than King Bradley ?
Protip: don't even try
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he was daddy's bitch, that's not alpha

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Have you guys ever noticed that comedy/sol anime intro songs are the best?
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Japan and China produce some really beautiful and awesome music. I never hear anything like that over here in the JuSA
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They have to because they're the only interesting part of the entire show

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who is your loli of the year so far?
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Not brickface-chan that's for damn sure. What is it with lolifags and bodily excretions? It's fucking gross. Clean yourselves up.
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Definitely Sana.

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>tournament gets interrupted

Is there a more annoying trope in anime?
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>inb4 tournament arcs themselves
They're great and you're a fag
Not when they end in awesome moments like Naruto vs tailed beast one.
Tournament arcs themselves.

>They're great and you're a fag
No, they fucking aren't. They're by and large pointless contrivances that exist to provide non-stop fights in a rigid format that prevents the author from having to actually write a story.

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They're tossing cans of pop.
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Is it Tuesday already?
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It is indeed Yuyuesday.
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Must be too early

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Don't mind me, I just make the best looking anime out there that also make their action scenes easy to look at with fluid as fuck animation even with a TV budget.

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trigger animation is utter shit tho
Nice bait.
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Low-quality studio, low-quality shitpost

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>runs quantum analysis to figure out how Yugi beat him
>still couldn't figure it out
>all Yugi did was draw 5 specific cards out of a 40 card deck

Is Kaiba, dare I say, stupid?
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Do you know how they managed to do those crazy one-handed shuffles? Do you need quantum analysis to figure that out too?
yugi literally cheated
Kaiba kidnapped and murdered an old man before destroying his prized possession.

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Why didn't she just lift the debris with her power?
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>dumb hoe is dumb
More news at seven.
Hmm, no idea? Maybe because she was panicking because a 10-story robot is above her?
Maybe because she was at her limit and using any more of her power would leave her vomiting all over the place thus leaving her still unable to get away anyway?
Gee, what a plothole. I hope the series addressed this
yeah, it's just dumb and contrived.

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>swimsuit with stocking on one leg

Literally why
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My dick wills it
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because onee-san route is best route.
>tfw Chifuyu shaves

snippy snippy?
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Into the happy camp it goes
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Chinese Sweatshop Animators.png
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How was this allowed past the quality check, or do those not exist in China?
because she was in the background on the right and you blew up the hell out of the picture and there is no reason to heavily detail a small picture like that.

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