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Did you like me?
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No I hate you piece of shit die.
I hate you.
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Today is Satania's birthday.
Say something nice about her
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What devilish thing have you done today? I pooped on my imouto's notebook.
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She converted me to Satanism
Gonna take up 2 bus seats today when I only need one
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sexy debiru.jpg
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Would you?

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Deadman Wonderland manga was better than I remembered desu.
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Wasn't it too edgy? I liked the blood idea and shiro was cute but I remember that sometimes it was too edgy
Does the little fucker forgive her for being a murderous little monster?
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He kind of forgives her.

There's definitely a lot of edge, but their relationship overall is really cute.

How do you eat a chocolate cornet?
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You blend it up and then drink it.
Like Konata eats out Kagami, start from the bottom.
With my ass.

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Wrestling. Tiger Mask. Did you watch it?
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I'd kill for a remaster of the original series.
Megane Sandra is still a miracle to the universe, though.
Loved it.
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Yeah it was worth sticking around for even if it was full of QUALITY at times.

>You'll never have a bro like Kevin.

Fuck you Inoue.
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You want Vagabond? Fuck you, you get nothing.
Got the artbook that includes the epilogue. Made me a bit emotional desu.
but it didn't end did it?

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I started watching current anime last season and this season again I am watching two shows (Made in Abyss, Hajimete no Gyaru).
How do people who only watch or mostly watch current do this? Looking at what's coming out next season I don't give a single fuck about a single anime coming out next season.
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Try the first episodes and figure out what might be interesting to keep watching. Then enrich your diet with stuff from your backlog.
You should watch the biggest meme shows moving back from current if you're not watching anything in a season
I recommend Centaur because I'm a fanboy btw.
Basically this.

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Film and music journalist Koremasa Uno said the film doesn't feel like a work from Iwai or Hitoshi Ōne, the scriptwriter. Rather, it feels more like the anime of the studio creating it, Shaft, and its producer, Genki Kawamura. Uno also praised Suzu Hirose and Masaki Suda in the lead roles of Nazuna and Norimichi, respectively.

Film writer Tatsuya Masutō said that the expectations surrounding the film did not disappoint, and the anime could be better than the original live-action drama. He noted that the anime is more than just a remake, and the 90-minute run time compared to the 50-minute original helps add to the content.

Other people who saw the film described it as not feeling like an anime and being an emotional experience.


SHAFT does it again.
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This is Shaft's first challenge to nip normies
How much do you think TOHO paid them?
>Rather, it feels more like the anime of the studio creating it, Shaft
That's sums up why I hate Shaft pretty well.

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͏Are there any other anime characters that have a handblade like pic related?
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Yell from Akikan
zoboomafoo has one in dragonball super
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Pic related has a handblade

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What characters would you consider edgy?
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What characters would you consider fags?
who are angry but inconstant

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they did this on purpose, right?
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sora is my daughter
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why does a 10yo kid need a garter band?
just wtf?
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why does she push her hips/ thighs always against his face?

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Time for the monthly dose of Gyaru cooking antics. There are quite a few smiles to protect in this chapter.
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>Sweep the blackboard when sensei comes

Good start.

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Okay so i finally watched this.
What the fuck happened after episode 20?
No seriously what was that ending?
Did they lose their budget?
Did they decide fuck it, let's fuck shit up?
I'm honestly lost.

It became pretentious as fuck. I get what they were trying to do, but it was so poorly executed. It felt like they just tried to shove in everything they could to make it artsy in the last two episodes.
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You just got the

You might want to chase after one girl, or all the girls (as usual) but in this case you'll want to chase after no girls. Then you'll get

>True End
This has been discussed to DEATH just fucking google it?
I'll take the burden anons
The last episodes were the human instrumentality acting out. Basically everyone became one mind and they were able to discuss with each other how they viewed each other. Everything was laid out but Anno focused on how much shinji hated himself and he thought the others felt the same, but he finds out there is a Shinji that exists in his mind and there is Shinji that exists other people's mind. So he comes to terms with that no one really thinks of shinji as bad as he thinks and then goes "huuurrrr People Like Meh!"
Watch the Movie of the ending >>161127014
here and you'll see what the human instrumentality looks like.

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I wonder if she would forcefeed her future girlfriend until she's got a nice plumb potbelly.
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She already did.
Chiya is a girl of fine taste

We're going to get "O my rubber nen'd" aren't we.
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O my shilling
/b/ is down the hall to the left
No /b/ is right here
and here

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